J.W.S. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By J.W.S.
Map of Wells Operated by J.W.S.
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11911 US HIGHWAY 67
TALPA, TX 76882

Leases Operated by J.W.S.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-02259 ABEL Liberty County
03-07501 SUN-GULF-HUMBLE FEE Liberty County
03-07516 TIDEWATER OIL CO. FEE Liberty County
03-07597 SINCLAIR OIL CO. FEE Liberty County
7B-00982 DODSON, FREDDIE E. Coleman County
7B-01268 BRUCE, CHARLES, ETAL Coleman County
7B-043556 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-043557 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-043558 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-069393 MARTIN, C.O. (A) Coleman County
7B-084601 MAY, H. M. Coleman County
7B-09853 JOHNSON, G. M. -B- Coleman County
7B-09883 SHIELD, ELGEAN, MRS. Coleman County
7B-104748 POPE, J.T. Coleman County
7B-110188 HEARN "B" Coleman County
7B-110189 HEARN "B" Coleman County
7B-111760 TAYLOR, TED Coleman County
7B-114939 TAYLOR, TED Coleman County
7B-115489 STANLEY, R. Brown County
7B-115905 STANLEY, R. Brown County
7B-115906 STANLEY, R. Brown County
7B-116753 STANLEY Brown County
7B-117480 STANLEY, R. Brown County
7B-121336 STANLEY, RUFUS Brown County
7B-121919 STANLEY, RUFUS Brown County
7B-131241 BEAVER, JOHN SCOTT Coleman County
7B-143287 EVANS, LOYD Coleman County
7B-165536 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-165538 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7B-16758 BAUMAN, J.L. Brown County
7B-17883 BROWN, W. Coleman County
7B-18316 GUERRERO, Y. Coleman County
7B-18374 HUDGINS, TOM Coleman County
7B-18973 SHOOK Eastland County
7B-19347 REEVES, P. J. Coleman County
7B-19485 SNEED Coleman County
7B-19744 HORNE, CECIL 'A' Coleman County
7B-19939 WOLF, JOHN E. Coleman County
7B-20019 HEARN "B" Coleman County
7B-20889 JOHNSON, CALVIN E. Brown County
7B-21405 HEARNE, WYLIE E. "A" Coleman County
7B-21506 SNEED, BILL Coleman County
7B-21655 STANLEY Brown County
7B-21785 TAYLOR Coleman County
7B-218951 HINDS, CARROLL Coleman County
7B-221700 KENNEDY, C. E. Coleman County
7B-23669 BOWERS, D.L. "A" Brown County
7B-23670 BOWERS, D.L. "B" Brown County
7B-25534 HTR-WOLF Coleman County
7B-25573 HTR-WOLF B Coleman County
7B-28133 HINDS, CARROLL Coleman County
7B-29458 CLARK, JEAN Brown County
7C-197867 KOTHMANN Kimble County
7C-200646 KOTHMANN Kimble County
7C-203425 PFLUGER "L" Kimble County
7C-203984 KOTHMANN Kimble County
7C-211956 PFLUGER "L" Kimble County
7C-217549 PFLUGER "L" Kimble County
7C-219757 KOTHMANN Kimble County
7C-226930 PFLUGER "L" Kimble County

Drilling Permits Filed by J.W.S.