Kem Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Kem Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Kem Energy, Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

KATY, TX 77450

(832) 421-8985

Leases Operated by Kem Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-278974 CAMERON HEIRS Jasper County
06-029402 GRIFFIN, PATTIE Harrison County
06-029404 ROSBOROUGH, J. F. Harrison County
06-140124 BARTLETT-BAILEY GAS UNIT #1 Harrison County
06-143401 BARTLETT-BAILEY GAS UNIT #1 Harrison County
06-213528 BARTLETT-BAILEY GAS UNIT #1 Harrison County
06-213530 BARTLETT-BAILEY GAS UNIT #1 Harrison County
06-265773 BARTLETT-BAILEY GAS UNIT 1 Harrison County
08-17377 MAGUTEX QUEEN UNIT Andrews County
08-32616 JENNIFER (QUEEN) UNIT Ector County
08-44072 UL 23 CURIOSITY Pecos County
08-44399 UL 16-25 Pecos County
08-45113 ENDEAVOUR Pecos County
08-45802 UL 21 DISCOVERY Pecos County
08-47145 QUAHADI 'A' Howard County
08-47168 QUAHADI 'A' Glasscock County
08-47551 JAMES I A Glasscock County
08-47606 MATTHEW A Glasscock County
08-47634 MATTHEW B Glasscock County
08-47662 THOMAS Glasscock County
08-47663 QUAHADI 'B' Glasscock County
08-47706 ANDREW Glasscock County
08-49014 UL 23 MERCURY Pecos County
08-49798 MATTHEW PSA D Glasscock County
08-49990 MATTHIAS Glasscock County
08-50017 UL 24 VOYAGER Pecos County
08-50128 MATTHEW Glasscock County
08-50191 MATTHEW PSA 'C' Glasscock County
08-51553 PETER Glasscock County
08-52159 ANDREW Glasscock County
08-52241 NATHANIEL Glasscock County
08-54874 MATTHEW 'D' Glasscock County
10-021777 FRAZIER Hansford County
10-026623 ZUEB Gray County
10-026624 ZUEB Gray County
10-026625 ZUEB Gray County
10-026626 ZUEB Gray County
10-026627 ZUEB Gray County
10-026628 ZUEB Gray County
10-026631 ZUEB Gray County
10-026632 ZUEB Gray County
10-026633 ZUEB Gray County
10-026634 ZUEB Gray County
10-026635 ZUEB Gray County
10-026636 ZUEB Gray County
10-026637 ZUEB Gray County
10-026639 ZUEB Gray County
10-027822 BLACKSTEN Sherman County
10-027825 CRISMON Sherman County
10-027826 HAILE Sherman County
10-027828 HAMILTON RENTIE Sherman County
10-027831 LASLEY-HAYS Sherman County
10-027832 LASLEY, SAM Sherman County
10-027833 LASLEY, WALTER Sherman County
10-027837 OLDAKER, E. E. Sherman County
10-027846 WEATHERFORD Sherman County
10-027847 WEATHERFORD Sherman County
10-039584 O. D. C. Hansford County
10-040197 MASTERSON -R- Potter County
10-060752 HOLT, O. C. Hutchinson County
10-110122 MATHEWS Hansford County
10-126797 RENNER Sherman County
10-213589 HART Hansford County
7C-16837 UNIVERSITY 48-1 Reagan County
7C-16994 UNIVERSITY 48-1 B Reagan County
7C-17351 UNIVERSITY 48-9B Reagan County
7C-17853 UNIVERSITY 48-2WX Reagan County
7C-17912 UNIVERSITY 48-2 Reagan County
7C-17923 UNIVERSITY 48-12 Reagan County
7C-17931 UNIVERSITY 48-11 Reagan County
8A-63467 MOSS Terry County
8A-63532 RAMSEY Terry County
8A-63936 MYATT Terry County
8A-63949 ZORN Terry County
8A-65587 MOSS Terry County
8A-67862 WISDOM UNIT Terry County
8A-69954 LOCKETT Terry County
8A-70036 TRUDGEN Terry County
8A-70045 DOORNBOS Terry County
8A-70059 CLEMENTINE Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Kem Energy, Inc.