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Leases Operated by Marquee Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-03774 CLAYTON (QUEEN CITY B) UNIT Live Oak County
02-06725 ELY-ARMANTROUT Live Oak County
02-06887 ESTEP HEIRS Live Oak County
02-06895 SKAGGS-MATKIN UNIT Live Oak County
02-06896 BLOCK 72 UNIT Live Oak County
02-070765 BAST, C. H. - MINERAL UNIT Bee County
02-07111 CLAYTON (QUEEN CITY -B) UNIT #33 Live Oak County
02-07212 SMIT, WM. S. Bee County
02-07391 QUEEN CITY B UNIT #35&36 Live Oak County
02-07669 DAHSE, GEORGE W. Refugio County
02-08207 TERRELL "A" Goliad County
02-08270 STATE OF TEXAS Goliad County
02-122532 TERRELL, ETTA -A- Goliad County
02-124617 COUTRET Goliad County
02-126926 PAGE/MINERAL UNIT Bee County
02-136056 HOLZHEAUSER GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-139295 STRNADEL GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-139298 STRNADEL GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-139804 ANDERS-SIMONS GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-140421 HOLZHEAUSER GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-141510 TITTIZER Jackson County
02-165409 JOHNSON, STELLA Goliad County
02-166235 SPILLER GAS UNIT Calhoun County
02-170665 PANTEL "B" G.U. Victoria County
02-170990 PANTEL "B" G.U. Victoria County
02-171220 DENTLER G.U. Victoria County
02-171546 PANTEL "A" G.U. Victoria County
02-173269 HARMON, R.M. ET UX Lavaca County
02-173786 TERRELL, ETTA "A" Victoria County
02-177212 TERRELL, ETTA "A" Goliad County
02-277478 TITTIZER Jackson County
03-151734 COCHRAN, STEVEN T. Harris County
03-173195 CONCORD, COYLE Colorado County
03-175617 CONCORD, COYLE "A" Colorado County
03-179075 ENGSTROM Colorado County
03-179223 HEIMAN-FLING Colorado County
03-205343 BOUNDS Liberty County
03-214759 GULF LAND & INVESTMENT CO. Harris County
03-22758 TRULL Matagorda County
03-239044 GLITHERO Wharton County
03-246590 KENSINGER Harris County
04-039170 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-044650 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-046241 DUGGER, LEE M. Nueces County
04-049800 BICKLER& MOSLEY Nueces County
04-05527 HEATH, ARTIE BELLE Nueces County
04-05750 HEATH, ARTIE BELLE Nueces County
04-057817 DUGGER,L.M. Nueces County
04-05806 HEATH, ARTIE BELLE Nueces County
04-08944 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-091189 TORRANS, A. C. Jim Wells County
04-09171 BICKLER & MOSLEY Nueces County
04-092146 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-093694 BICKLER-MOSELY Nueces County
04-09582 GANDY, A. C. Nueces County
04-09894 EMSHOFF, WM. Nueces County
04-099861 ROBSTOWN GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-101010 ZAMORA Starr County
04-10273 BARCLAY Nueces County
04-121699 LANE, E.H. "A" San Patricio County
04-121758 TORRANS "A" Jim Wells County
04-121759 TORRANS "A" Jim Wells County
04-121811 GATEWOOD, NEWBERRY Cameron County
04-123018 RENKEN, GEORGE Nueces County
04-123327 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-123349 RENKEN, GEORGE Nueces County
04-123688 DUGGER Nueces County
04-12481 DUGGER Nueces County
04-128602 URIBE Zapata County
04-157729 DE FLORES, M. S. Starr County
04-159014 LANE San Patricio County
04-160207 LANE San Patricio County
04-172453 CAMERON 554 Starr County
04-267675 COMPTON San Patricio County
05-01871 LEONA UNIT Leon County
06-103896 KONZEN Rusk County
06-123454 CLARK Harrison County
06-12385 MCCLENDON Harrison County
06-124445 CLARK Harrison County

Drilling Permits Filed by Marquee Corporation