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Leases Operated by Marquee Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-03774 CLAYTON (QUEEN CITY B) UNIT Live Oak County
02-04777 APPLEWHITE, T. I. Live Oak County
02-056815 JOHNSON, STELLA Goliad County
02-05785 WELDER, J.J. San Patricio County
02-06255 TERRELL, ETTA -A- Goliad County
02-06453 MESSER, W.H. JR. ET AL Refugio County
02-06482 TERRELL, ETTA -A- Goliad County
02-06725 ELY-ARMANTROUT Live Oak County
02-06887 ESTEP HEIRS Live Oak County
02-06895 SKAGGS-MATKIN UNIT Live Oak County
02-06896 BLOCK 72 UNIT Live Oak County
02-08207 TERRELL "A" Goliad County
02-08270 STATE OF TEXAS Goliad County
02-10809 MAURITZ D Jackson County
02-114362 BEAUCHAMP Goliad County
02-115413 HSN UNIT Live Oak County
02-116800 BEAUCHAMP -A- Goliad County
02-116880 BEAUCHAMP -A- Goliad County
02-116989 DIETZEL Victoria County
02-119964 BEAUCHAMP -A- Goliad County
02-122532 TERRELL, ETTA -A- Goliad County
02-124617 COUTRET Goliad County
02-126926 PAGE/MINERAL UNIT Bee County
02-136056 HOLZHEAUSER GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-170665 PANTEL "B" G.U. Victoria County
02-170990 PANTEL "B" G.U. Victoria County
02-171220 DENTLER G.U. Victoria County
02-171546 PANTEL "A" G.U. Victoria County
02-173269 HARMON, R.M. ET UX Lavaca County
02-173786 TERRELL, ETTA "A" Victoria County
02-177212 TERRELL, ETTA "A" Goliad County
02-183703 STAFFORD "A" Jackson County
02-184459 GOFF MINERAL TRUST Jackson County
02-257143 VIKING Lavaca County
02-277478 TITTIZER Jackson County
03-151734 COCHRAN, STEVEN T. Harris County
03-179075 ENGSTROM Colorado County
03-179223 HEIMAN-FLING Colorado County
03-205343 BOUNDS Liberty County
03-214759 GULF LAND & INVESTMENT CO. Harris County
03-22758 TRULL Matagorda County
03-239044 GLITHERO Wharton County
03-246590 KENSINGER Harris County
03-27265 SEABERG Liberty County
04-012119 BICKLER-MOSELY Nueces County
04-063277 BICKLER, MOSLEY Nueces County
04-063278 BICKLER-MOSELY Nueces County
04-064468 RENKEN, GEORGE Nueces County
04-065831 RENKEN, GEORGE Nueces County
04-06722 RENKEN, GEORGE Nueces County
04-07172 BICKLER-MOSLEY Nueces County
04-07296 DUGGER, LEE M. Nueces County
04-07611 BICKLER & MOSLEY Nueces County
04-07656 HEATH, ARTIE BELL Nueces County
04-07833 JOHNSON, H. L. Nueces County
04-109728 PERRY Nueces County
04-11176 PFLUGER Nueces County
04-112271 SAENZ, ELIAS ET UX Duval County
04-11239 DUGGER Nueces County
04-113044 SAENZ, ODILIA Duval County
04-11360 DUGGER Nueces County
04-11583 DEURMYER, J.J. San Patricio County
04-11598 EWING Nueces County
04-11628 WRIGHT TRUST Nueces County
04-116927 YTURRIA Cameron County
04-123327 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-126592 DUGGER Nueces County
04-12698 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-12715 DUGGER Nueces County
04-127825 LANE San Patricio County
04-128048 EWING Nueces County
04-128602 URIBE Zapata County
04-130168 DUGGER Nueces County
04-130808 WEBB San Patricio County
04-131582 VISTA DEL MAR Cameron County
04-13575 HEATH, A. B. Nueces County
04-159014 LANE San Patricio County
04-267675 COMPTON San Patricio County
05-01871 LEONA UNIT Leon County

Drilling Permits Filed by Marquee Corporation