Merit Energy Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Merit Energy Company
Map of Wells Operated by Merit Energy Company
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13727 NOEL ROAD SUITE 1200
DALLAS, TX 75240

(972) 628-1569

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Leases Operated by Merit Energy Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06557 PENA CREEK UNIT Dimmit County
02-10786 SINOR RANCH A Live Oak County
02-10879 SINOR RANCH B Live Oak County
02-11031 SINOR RANCH C Live Oak County
03-17583 KURTEN WOODBINE UNIT Brazos County
04-05421 DRISCOLL, ROBERT Duval County
04-086841 DAVIS, W. J. "A" Hidalgo County
04-138086 MCALLEN, A. A. Hidalgo County
04-175510 GARZA, A. M. - STATE Starr County
04-176833 SLICK, T. B. ESTATE Starr County
04-177061 DAVIS, W. J. "A" Hidalgo County
04-178287 MCALLEN FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-187547 MCALLEN, A. A. Hidalgo County
04-189831 PHARR FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-207563 THEISS ET AL GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-213502 MCALLEN, A. A. Hidalgo County
04-263155 MCALLEN, A. A. Hidalgo County
04-265965 BENTSEN BROS. - STATE Starr County
04-265967 JOHNSON-CYPHER GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-271402 SULLIVAN, D. J. "C" Brooks County
04-272978 BOSTON TEXAS LAND & TRUST Hidalgo County
04-272981 BOSTON TEXAS LAND & TRUST Hidalgo County
04-275513 JOHNSON, C. G. GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-275926 BENTSEN TRACT IV Starr County
04-276356 BOSTON TEXAS LAND & TRUST Hidalgo County
04-284805 BOSTON TEXAS LAND & TRUST Hidalgo County
04-285103 BOSTON TEXAS LAND & TRUST Hidalgo County
06-03286 PITTSBURG UNIT Camp County
08-02902 DAVIS, J. W. -B- Howard County
08-02905 DODGE, GRANVILLE M., EST. Howard County
08-03264 STATE WALTON -E- Winkler County
08-06197 SNYDER, SUSIE B. Howard County
08-06213 SNYDER, B. S. -A- Howard County
08-08908 WRAGE-HENDRICKSON -B- Glasscock County
08-15569 HARRIS, B. A. Glasscock County
08-16698 MCKASKLE, M. Martin County
08-21120 WESTBROOK SOUTHWEST UNIT Mitchell County
08-21162 SALE RANCH Martin County
08-21313 SALE RANCH -A- Martin County
08-21491 SALE RANCH -D- Martin County
08-22020 HAZELWOOD -C- Martin County
08-22070 SALE RANCH -H- Martin County
08-22088 BLOCKER Martin County
08-22097 SALE RANCH -K- Martin County
08-22305 GLASSCOCK A5 Martin County
08-23007 PENWELL UNIT Ector County
08-23672 COLEMAN RANCH UNIT Mitchell County
08-34660 MABEE MERCURY Andrews County
08-42209 PHILLIPS Glasscock County
08-42224 KLOH Glasscock County
08-42235 CLAY Howard County
08-42240 CHALK, G. O. Howard County
08-46977 BASHARA-PROTHRO Winkler County
08-46985 EAST KEYSTONE (SAN A HOLT UNIT) Winkler County
09-11967 WALNUT BEND FIELD UNIT NO. 1 Cooke County
09-27427 WALNUT BEND FIELD UNIT Cooke County
09-29232 JAMES (CADDO) UNIT Young County
09-29235 SECTION 606 "A" Young County
7B-04315 JONES -G- Stonewall County
7B-08712 LAKE TRAMMEL UNIT Nolan County
7B-10661 STEVENSON-JONES UNIT Stephens County
7B-11787 WEST FLOWERS UNIT Stonewall County
7B-12449 SLOAN, MARTIN UNIT Stephens County
7C-03099 COPE UNIT Reagan County
7C-17969 JRS FARMS "24A" Upton County
8A-05938 MALLET LAND & CATTLE COMPANY Hockley County
8A-13196 CLAYTON-JOHNSON "G" Borden County
8A-17616 DUGGAN SLAUGHTER UNIT Cochran County
8A-60106 CONOCO-DEAN UNIT Cochran County
8A-60219 LEVELLAND "C" Hockley County
8A-60378 HARRISON, LEE UNIT Lubbock County
8A-65672 N. HUNTLEY UNIT Garza County
8A-66754 LINDOSS UNIT Gaines County
8A-66994 MALLET LAND & CATTLE CO. Terry County
8A-67645 WEST BROADVIEW UNIT Lubbock County
8A-68725 MULDROW UNIT Terry County
8A-68955 SIDES UNIT Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Merit Energy Company