Mortimer Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mortimer Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Mortimer Production Company
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SAN ANTONIO, TX 78209-3261

(210) 821-6168

Leases Operated by Mortimer Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-03407 SCHENKEL/TURNEY Edwards County
01-08502 HARRIS, HERMAN -A- Guadalupe County
01-14281 KASPAR Gonzales County
01-18681 ANGEL ARMS Wilson County
02-09078 FREEMAN, C. N. RANCH Live Oak County
02-11738 WILKINSON HEIRS Goliad County
02-178249 F. R. C. - LITTLE, ET AL Lavaca County
02-188628 F. R. C. - LITTLE, ET AL Lavaca County
02-189468 LITTLE, F. R. C. ET AL Lavaca County
02-198546 SIECKO ET AL NO. 1 Jackson County
02-216122 F. R. C. - LITTLE, ET AL Lavaca County
03-080700 RICHARDS, MARY E. Trinity County
03-206690 TEMPLE INDUSTRIES Trinity County
03-258189 W. F. GREEN III Matagorda County
04-01222 FOWLER, BILL DODD San Patricio County
04-055118 PRUETT San Patricio County
04-09873 GUERRA SHARE 20 OIL UNIT Starr County
04-101852 ROSS Webb County
04-12017 PARKS/HICKMAN Starr County
04-121118 MARGO/PENA Starr County
04-123139 RINGGOLD FARMS 1 Starr County
04-124670 BLOCK-GUERRA Starr County
04-125090 BLOCK/GUERRA Starr County
04-125748 GUERRA Starr County
04-12810 TEXACO FEE- GUERRA "A" Starr County
04-129867 WOOD/GUERRA Starr County
04-13005 SHARE 91 Starr County
04-13022 FLINN, L. C. San Patricio County
04-13086 FOWLER San Patricio County
04-13151 JOSTES San Patricio County
04-13241 GEORGE San Patricio County
04-13246 GUTIERREZ Starr County
04-13297 GARZA HEIRS Starr County
04-13301 FOWLER San Patricio County
04-13349 LA LIEBRE Starr County
04-133683 MARGO/PENA Starr County
04-13374 GUERRA, R. R. Starr County
04-13424 HILES/GARZA Starr County
04-13536 SALINAS, ET AL Starr County
04-13608 GEORGE San Patricio County
04-13722 LAGO Starr County
04-13732 IGNACIA GUTIERREZ Starr County
04-13780 MARGO/PENA Starr County
04-13942 SUE FULLER Starr County
04-151443 GUERRA Starr County
04-153063 WALKER, BILLY L. Starr County
04-172075 RICABY Starr County
04-176285 TEXACO FEE GUERRA "G" Starr County
04-178520 GARCIA, SALVADOR "G" Zapata County
04-179314 TEXACO-FEE GUERRA G Starr County
04-179853 MARGO/PENA Starr County
04-185319 WALKER, BILLY L. Starr County
04-189026 WOOD/WARDNER Starr County
04-194297 FOWLER San Patricio County
04-197771 GARCIA, SALVADOR "G" Zapata County
04-211972 WOOD/WARDNER Starr County
04-215507 GUERRA Starr County
04-219301 GUERRA, R.R. Starr County
04-229978 DONNELL MINERALS Zapata County
04-233582 MAURICIO GONZALEZ UNIT Starr County
04-233584 GUTIERREZ Starr County
04-234479 GUTIERREZ Starr County
04-235477 GUTIERREZ Starr County
04-242315 EL PATON Zapata County
04-245245 RODRIGUEZ-STATE Zapata County
04-246922 EL PATON Zapata County
04-247278 GARZA Starr County
04-251146 BOWERS TRUST Zapata County
04-252797 WEIL, ALEX UNIT Jim Hogg County
04-252976 BOWERS TRUST Zapata County
04-256831 GUTIERREZ, J. M. ESTATE Jim Hogg County
04-257197 COATES/WRIGHT UNIT Starr County
04-269210 GARCIA, SALVADOR Zapata County
04-270772 LOPEZ, J. G. Jim Hogg County
04-274294 WALKER, BILLY L Starr County
04-275294 GARCIA, SALVADOR "G" Zapata County
04-275498 GARZA HEIRS UNIT 2 Starr County
04-279335 WOOD UNIT Starr County
04-279548 WOOD-WARDNER Starr County
09-29158 JEAN OIL UNIT Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mortimer Production Company