Pecos Petroleum Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pecos Petroleum Company
Map of Wells Operated by Pecos Petroleum Company
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Leases Operated by Pecos Petroleum Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-07886 STEINMAN, E. Lavaca County
02-146410 STEINMAM, E. Lavaca County
02-155156 DOW Lavaca County
02-155781 DOW Lavaca County
02-162403 DOW Lavaca County
03-129681 NORTHINGTON LAND & CATTLE CO. Wharton County
03-133994 NORTHINGTON LAND & CATTLE CO. Wharton County
03-138476 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-139597 KIRBY Tyler County
03-139792 KIRBY Tyler County
03-140304 PARAMOUNT - MCGUIRE Fort Bend County
03-140387 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-140564 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-143412 FLIX, B. Fort Bend County
03-143437 PARAMOUNT-ROLKE Fort Bend County
03-143640 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-143977 ODOM Tyler County
03-144831 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-145212 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-145780 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-153697 KIRBY Tyler County
03-154655 WIESS Tyler County
03-155324 PARAMOUNT-ROLKE Fort Bend County
03-156528 MAERZ Wharton County
03-159055 ARCO FEE "A" Tyler County
03-160440 ARCO FEE NO. 2 GAS UNIT Tyler County
03-21436 KIRBY Tyler County
03-21843 KIRBY Tyler County
03-22118 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-22203 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-22273 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-22413 KIRBY Tyler County
03-22478 KIRBY Tyler County
03-22482 EXXON FEE Tyler County
03-22612 WIESS Tyler County
03-22730 EXXON FEE Tyler County
03-22798 WIESS Tyler County
03-22920 EXXON FEE Tyler County
03-23087 ARCO FEE Tyler County
03-23520 ARCO FEE Tyler County
05-092514 HUCKABAY, H. P. Van Zandt County
05-101209 CHANDLER Van Zandt County
05-103628 JOHNSON Van Zandt County
05-130547 LOHR, BOB Van Zandt County
06-13503 BRADLEY, O. KYLE Marion County
06-13774 FLEMING Panola County
06-13779 FLEMING Panola County
06-138168 SCHMITT GAS UNIT Marion County
06-153350 WEINER, WM. B. JR. Panola County
06-163867 WIENER Panola County
06-166991 AUSTIN Panola County
06-166992 AUSTIN Panola County
06-167269 WIENER Panola County
06-167270 WIENER Panola County
06-169117 SABINE ROYALTY Panola County
06-177222 WIENER Panola County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pecos Petroleum Company