Phillips, Jack L. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Phillips, Jack L.
Map of Wells Operated by Phillips, Jack L.
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Leases Operated by Phillips, Jack L.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05325 WEATHERFORD, J. P. Frio County
05-015492 NAN-SU-GAIL GU 2 Freestone County
05-015493 NAN-SU-GAIL GU #1 Freestone County
05-015494 NAN-SU-GAIL GU 3 Freestone County
05-015496 HILL, F. R., ET AL, GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-015497 REED, HUGH D., JR. Freestone County
05-015498 NAN-SU-GAIL GU #4 Freestone County
05-015499 NAN-SU-GAIL GU 5 Freestone County
05-015500 WARD, D. E. Freestone County
05-015501 WEAVER, SALLY Freestone County
05-02181 DOCKERY UNIT Navarro County
05-02189 HAMILTON, J. L. UNIT Navarro County
05-02245 HODGE UNIT Navarro County
05-02374 GADDY, O.L. UNIT Navarro County
05-02414 BOYD, J. Navarro County
05-02557 HUDNALL, J. Henderson County
05-060850 CARTER-BLOXOM UNIT #1 Freestone County
05-145279 CARTER BLOXOM UNIT Freestone County
06-016545 RED SPRINGS GAS UNIT Smith County
06-03238 HIGHTOWER, ZEB, ETAL Harrison County
06-03389 HACKETT, OLIVER, ESTATE Smith County
06-035068 HOLDER, CLAUDE Panola County
06-05114 DUNN, H. A., OIL UNIT NO. 1 Harrison County
06-05191 GREER, IRENE Harrison County
06-05206 WASKOM UNIT NO. 3 Harrison County
06-05208 WASKOM UNIT #3 Harrison County
06-05212 WASKOM UNIT #2 Harrison County
06-05213 WASKOM UNIT NO. 2 Harrison County
06-05277 WASKOM UNIT NO. 4 Harrison County
06-05285 WASKOM UNIT NO. 4 Harrison County
06-05323 DUNN, H. A. Harrison County
06-05338 COOK, W. L., HEIRS Anderson County
06-05370 CALDWELL, ETHEL Anderson County
06-05395 COOK UNIT NO 1 Anderson County
06-05409 POPE UNIT Harrison County
06-05413 ONEY UNIT NO. 1 Harrison County
06-05422 COOK, W. L., HEIRS -B- Anderson County
06-05524 JONES-PERKINS Harrison County
06-05577 M. LANCASTER UNIT Cass County
06-05586 MORRIS UNIT NO 1 Harrison County
06-05591 ALLEN UNIT NO 1 Harrison County
06-05637 COULTER, J. UNIT #1 Smith County
06-05665 BYRD OIL UNIT Cass County
06-05695 RUPPE-BOSCH Harrison County
06-05696 EDMONSON OIL UNIT Harrison County
06-05830 RAGON, E. Harrison County
06-05973 ALLDAY SUPPLY COMPANY Cass County
06-083939 POWERS, BILL Panola County
06-084329 BECKHAM GAS UNIT Panola County
06-086411 SHADY GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH G.U. Panola County
06-089310 HOLDER, CLAUD Panola County
06-089445 BOX GAS UNIT Panola County
06-096845 RAVENS, E. Harrison County
06-10446 MCCRAY, WILL Cass County
06-109196 SPENCER, R. Harrison County
06-109877 WILLIAMS, E. B-2 GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-10999 WASHINGTON, EMANUEL OIL UNIT "A" Harrison County
06-11071 RAVENS, E. Harrison County
06-11435 DICKINSON, L. Harrison County
06-11482 HAMILTON, K. D. Anderson County
06-12294 WILLIAMS Harrison County
06-12312 CYPHERS, R. Rusk County
06-12358 GRISHAM, J. L. Rusk County
06-12448 SMITH-WALLACE Panola County
06-12465 BAZAR, J. Rusk County
06-12586 SMITH, DURWOOD A. Rusk County
06-12648 WHITE, W. Rusk County
06-12662 WHITAKER, H. UNIT Panola County
06-12727 MOORE, J. UNIT Rusk County
06-127606 TURNER, J. Harrison County
06-12803 JOHNS Rusk County
06-12836 GEORGE, E. N. Panola County
06-12885 SMITH, TALMADGE Rusk County
06-12977 JOHNS Rusk County
06-13185 WILLIAMS, E. "B" Harrison County
06-132444 COCHRAN, VIVIAN ESTATE Rusk County
06-137042 BOX GAS UNIT Panola County
6E-06613 SHEPPARD Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Phillips, Jack L.