Pitts Energy Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Pitts Energy Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Pitts Energy Co.
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MIDLAND, TX 79707-2823

(432) 682-4101

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Leases Operated by Pitts Energy Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-021070 ANTHONY, H. F. Reeves County
08-021091 ZEEK, L. W., ET AL Reeves County
08-054509 BARCLAY-DEAN Reeves County
08-083985 LIGON, S. E. - STATE Reeves County
08-151554 SCOTT, F.H. STATE Ward County
08-15324 UNIVERSITY -Y- Crane County
08-15363 UNIVERSITY -Z- Crane County
08-157004 SAMS "A" Reeves County
08-159154 SAMS "A" Reeves County
08-16489 LIGON, S. E. Reeves County
08-168524 HORRY, L. ETAL Reeves County
08-18217 BARBER, W. T. Reeves County
08-187914 SCOTT, F. H. STATE "A" Ward County
08-20815 STATE SCHOOL BOARD -ZZ- Reeves County
08-217477 LIGON, S. E. - STATE Reeves County
08-22345 CLEVELAND, R., ET AL Reeves County
08-22859 HORRY, L., ET AL Reeves County
08-23272 BARBER, W. T. Reeves County
08-23273 TREES, J. C., ESTATE, ET AL Reeves County
08-23274 MCCALL, JACK O. ET AL Reeves County
08-25109 WATSON, L. M. Ward County
08-25146 SCOTT, F.H. Ward County
08-26850 WATSON, L. M. STATE Ward County
08-27687 PERKINS, D. E. ET AL Reeves County
08-29482 ZEEK, L. W. ETAL Reeves County
08-29492 BELL "C" Andrews County
08-29589 SHANKS Martin County
08-30109 CAL-MON Ward County
08-30570 WILLIAMS Ward County
08-30769 FULLER Ward County
08-31174 MILLER UNIT Ward County
08-31257 RAYMOND Ward County
08-31427 NICHOLS Ward County
08-31561 BENNETT Ward County
08-31693 JIM ED UNIT Ward County
08-31812 ALLGOOD Ward County
08-32069 MILLER -38- Ward County
08-32133 HILL Ward County
08-32272 WALDRON Ward County
08-32428 DANIEL UNIT Ward County
08-32609 TALLEY UNIT Ward County
08-33344 COX Ward County
08-33346 EMILY SPILLER BELL ET AL -A- Reeves County
08-33516 HORRY, L. ET AL Reeves County
08-33582 MILLER "B" Ward County
08-33837 RILEY, D. Martin County
08-33874 FRED UNIT Martin County
08-33890 TXL "B" Ector County
08-34116 DAVIDSON Martin County
08-34410 TREES, J. C. ESTATE ET AL "A" Reeves County
08-34499 CLEVELAND ,R. Reeves County
08-36417 UNIVERSITY -Y- Crane County
08-37439 CAVE, GEORGE Martin County
08-37541 CLEVELAND, R., ET AL Reeves County
08-43231 HALE, VIOLA Martin County
08-47196 CLEVELAND, R. ET AL Reeves County
08-48747 HALE "37A" Martin County
08-53405 ALLEN Reeves County
08-53407 WILLIAMS -A- Ward County
08-53408 MILLER "A" Ward County
08-53409 KELLEY Ward County
08-53578 SAMS "B" Reeves County
7C-03593 ZULETTE Reagan County
7C-03745 HUGHES, JACKSON Reagan County
7C-04711 HUGHES -E- Reagan County
7C-04921 WEATHERBY -A- Reagan County
7C-06286 WEATHERBY -B- Reagan County
7C-09173 UNIVERSITY 3-6 Upton County
7C-09459 UNIVERSITY "3-9" Upton County
7C-12366 HALFF "18" Upton County
7C-12453 O'HARROW-A Upton County
7C-127244 CHILDRESS "22" Crockett County
7C-130348 CHILDRESS "22" Crockett County
8A-60176 HALE, VIOLA Martin County
8A-65618 THOMPSON Terry County
8A-66325 BEATY Dawson County
8A-66380 HENDON Dawson County
8A-66501 MCGINTY Yoakum County
8A-70694 RCC 79 Gaines County
8A-70873 DEVON A Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Pitts Energy Co.