POWELL, A. BRANDT Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By POWELL, A. BRANDT
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Leases Operated by POWELL, A. BRANDT

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Total Oil Production
Total Gas Production
08-04666 FOSTER, W. L., JR., -B- Sterling
08-10101 FOSTER, W. L., JR. -B- Sterling
08-28186 FOSTER, W. L. JR. "B" Sterling
08-35228 REYNOLDS, CLYDE Glasscock
7B-00817 BURNS, W. T. Coleman
7B-00829 HARRIS, J. W. Coleman
7B-00830 HARRIS, J. W. -A- Coleman
7B-039768 BAILEY, NELLE Coleman
7B-041445 STEVENS, SALOME Coleman
7B-045321 BOYLE & MORGAN Coleman
7B-045842 HUNTER, EULA Coleman
7B-04647 TARPLEY Taylor
7B-04648 PATTERSON, J., ETAL Taylor
7B-04649 TARPLEY, DAVID "B" Taylor
7B-046508 HARRIS JENNINGS Coleman
7B-047831 BURNS-DILLARD UNIT Coleman
7B-048954 COX, LEE Coleman
7B-050197 BOYLE & MORGAN Coleman
7B-050678 STEVENS, SALOME -A- Coleman
7B-133423 BOYLE, GARVICE Coleman
7B-18032 MOORE, D. L. Taylor
7B-20251 POWELL, BRANDT Coleman
7B-22045 HESTER, H.W. Taylor
7B-22080 CITY OF MERKEL Taylor
7B-22620 TIPTON, C.W. Taylor
7B-22942 CRAIN-TIPTON Taylor
7B-23907 HENSLEE, WALTER Taylor
7B-23969 GRIFFIS "B" Coleman
7B-24643 EAST HAGLER Coleman
7B-24759 OVERALL EAST Coleman
7B-24814 OVERALL EAST Coleman
7B-24823 SOUTH HAGLER Coleman
7B-25422 OVERALL-PAIR Coleman
7B-25423 GRIFFIS "B" Coleman
7B-25424 GRIFFIS "A" Coleman
7B-25876 SOUTH TALPA Runnels
7B-26522 GRIFFIS Coleman
7C-12688 SYKES "B" Runnels
7C-12735 SYKES "C" Runnels

Drilling Permits Filed by POWELL, A. BRANDT