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AUSTIN, TX 78746

(512) 579-3590

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Leases Operated by Remora Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-039498 DILWORTH GAS UNIT McMullen County
01-050319 DILWORTH, J. C. JR. McMullen County
01-053792 DILWORTH, J. C. JR. McMullen County
01-070354 DILWORTH GAS UNIT #1 McMullen County
02-155286 LYNE, T. J. Live Oak County
02-185702 ROBINSON-REAVES Goliad County
02-190179 TOM LYNE Live Oak County
02-194166 EDWARD H. SEIFERT, ET UX Goliad County
02-200642 WINDBERG, DALHART Goliad County
02-205709 BELL, W. T. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-207936 CARMICHAEL Goliad County
02-207937 BELL, W. T. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-216246 HOFF Goliad County
02-216446 ROBINSON-REAVES Goliad County
02-218584 WEED Jackson County
02-219387 EICHMAN - LANGE GAS UNIT Goliad County
02-219810 BELL, W. T. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-220796 ROUDON A Goliad County
02-220803 HOFF Goliad County
02-221829 BELL, W. T. GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-223745 FULLER Goliad County
02-225246 W. T. BELL GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-225528 ROBINSON-REAVES Goliad County
02-225770 TRAYLOR, MAUDE A Calhoun County
02-227723 W. T. BELL GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-229732 W. T. BELL GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-229958 PETERSON Goliad County
02-230406 W. T. BELL GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-231207 BLACKWELL TRUST GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-232872 DUDERSTADT, J. B. DeWitt County
02-237085 WHITE, S. L. DeWitt County
02-240597 CHOATE Live Oak County
02-242691 DOUBLE T 1 GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-245519 MAUDE TRAYLOR A Calhoun County
02-248707 PRIDGEN ET AL A-690 DeWitt County
02-251091 ROKOHL-TEAGUE Live Oak County
03-177443 TRULL Matagorda County
03-204611 TRULL Matagorda County
04-12215 CANALES, A.T. Kleberg County
04-12988 COCKE, WILLIAM C. Duval County
04-13655 CANALES, A.T. Jim Wells County
04-13947 CANALES, A. T. Kleberg County
04-141285 EXXON-YATES RANCH FEE "D" Duval County
04-144234 D.C.R.C. Duval County
04-162909 WELDERS HEIRS 215 Duval County
04-171636 RAMEY, ALEX UNIT 1 Hidalgo County
04-175697 RAMEY, ALEX Hidalgo County
04-200016 WELDER HEIRS 215 Duval County
04-212263 WELDER GU 217 Duval County
04-214725 D. C. R. C. Duval County
04-215067 D. C. R. C. Duval County
04-218808 EXXON STATE Duval County
04-233994 LEGACY Duval County
04-234048 CANALES, E. G. Kleberg County
04-237423 EXXON STATE Duval County
04-241710 DUVAL COUNTY RANCH COMPANY 4 Duval County
04-246546 EXXON STATE Duval County
04-257500 URIBE, A. A. Zapata County
04-274742 EXXON STATE Duval County
10-022405 SCHULTZ -A- Lipscomb County
10-061890 HOOVER UNIT Lipscomb County
10-07329 FAGG Lipscomb County
10-07906 COURSON RANCH Roberts County
10-09257 MORRISON SCOTT CONRAD 125 Ochiltree County
10-09279 MORRISON, MARY T. '126' Ochiltree County
10-095404 FRY, J. L. Lipscomb County
10-095610 SCHULTZ -B- Lipscomb County
10-124050 LONGHOFER Lipscomb County
10-178170 KUHLMAN A Lipscomb County
10-258709 FAGG UNIT Lipscomb County
10-262742 SCHULTZ "D" Lipscomb County
10-264080 SCHULTZ, HERMAN Lipscomb County
10-265067 SCHULTZ UNIT 958 Lipscomb County
10-266328 SCHULTZ "E" Lipscomb County
10-266366 GOOCH UNIT Lipscomb County
10-266459 LONGHOFER Lipscomb County
10-270374 NITSCHKE Ochiltree County
10-271837 NITSCHKE Ochiltree County
10-271845 NITSCHKE Ochiltree County

Drilling Permits Filed by Remora Operating, LLC