Reneau Oil Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Reneau Oil Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Reneau Oil Co.
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P O BOX 40

Leases Operated by Reneau Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-03433 MOORE "B" Jack County
09-08657 VOGTSBERGER, R. C. Young County
09-08691 ROENFELDT, W. A. Young County
09-08738 VOGTSBERGER, R. C. -B- Young County
09-16843 LOFTIN Jack County
09-18008 CAMPBELL, ZINN Archer County
09-18055 LOFTIN -B- Jack County
09-18239 CAMPBELL, R. ESTAE H Archer County
09-18951 LOFTIN -A- Jack County
09-24829 CAMPBELL "C" Archer County
09-31108 ZINN CAMPBELL Archer County
09-31823 CAMPBELL "M" Archer County
10-02226 LAYCOCK, O. A. "A" Wheeler County
10-02300 LAYCOCK, O. A. Wheeler County
10-05305 BIVINS -PR- Potter County
10-05919 MASTERSON "B" Potter County
10-05933 MASTERSON "A" Potter County
10-05936 MASTERSON "E" Potter County
10-05981 MASTERSON "C" Potter County
10-06093 LAYCOCK 4 Wheeler County
10-06108 MASTERSON "D" Potter County
10-06440 MASTERSON Potter County
10-06459 MASTERSON "GD" Potter County
10-06460 MASTERSON "G" Potter County
10-06907 LAYCOCK D Wheeler County
10-098936 KENDA Wheeler County
10-098945 KORBIN Wheeler County
10-101523 CHAD Wheeler County
10-104333 CLAIRE Wheeler County
10-109668 SESCO Wheeler County
10-109669 SESCO Collingsworth County
10-109670 JAN Wheeler County
10-110638 PAL Collingsworth County
10-113701 MACINA Wheeler County
10-114559 SCHLEGEL Wheeler County
10-114561 LYSLE Wheeler County
10-114562 PAYNE Wheeler County
10-114563 SCHLEGEL Wheeler County
10-114566 SESCO -C- Collingsworth County
10-114854 BRAIN Wheeler County
10-137278 LAYCOCK, O. A. Wheeler County

Drilling Permits Filed by Reneau Oil Co.