Riggs Petroleum Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Riggs Petroleum Company
Map of Wells Operated by Riggs Petroleum Company
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Leases Operated by Riggs Petroleum Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00342 CARTWRIGHT, L. Archer County
09-00350 HAMILTON, W. B. Archer County
09-00353 IKARD, W. S. Archer County
09-00354 LONGLEY Archer County
09-00355 LONGLEY -A- Archer County
09-00357 POWELL Archer County
09-00358 SHECKELLS Archer County
09-00614 ABERCROMBIE, C. L. /UNIT/ Archer County
09-00653 PRIDEAUX -I- Archer County
09-00656 PRIDEAUX, HENRY Archer County
09-07157 GRAGG Young County
09-07175 CALVIN, R. J. Young County
09-07459 HONEA -B- Young County
09-07689 CALVIN Young County
09-12364 MARTIN Archer County
09-13894 PRIDEAUX, H. O. Young County
09-13895 PRIDEAUX, R. O. Young County
09-14275 PRIDEAUX -F- Young County
09-14276 PRIDEAUX -G- Young County
09-15586 PRIDEAUX Archer County
09-17519 PRIDEAUX -H- Young County
09-17688 THOMPSON, FRED Young County
09-17760 HAYGOOD Young County
09-22555 PRIDEAUX, H.O. "A" Young County
09-23542 RATER Archer County
09-29408 KNEESE, C. C. Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Riggs Petroleum Company