Rio Petroleum, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rio Petroleum, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Rio Petroleum, Inc.
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2805 W 15TH STREET

(806) 356-8033

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Leases Operated by Rio Petroleum, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-13973 GALLANT, JAMES A. Bandera County
09-24677 H&H UNIT Hardeman County
09-27721 LOVELESS UNIT "E" Hardeman County
09-27879 LOVELESS "F" Hardeman County
09-28161 MS. BETTYE Hardeman County
09-28502 LOVELESS-LANGFORD Hardeman County
09-28853 SHARP Hardeman County
09-28863 NORTON Hardeman County
09-28948 MERTINK Hardeman County
09-29049 DDD-YOUNG Wilbarger County
09-29431 WRIGHT Wilbarger County
10-00435 CHAPMAN, A. J. "A" Gray County
10-00436 MORSE, J. S. -J- Gray County
10-00437 MORSE, J. S. -A- Gray County
10-00438 MORSE, J. S. -B- Gray County
10-00439 MORSE, J. S. -C- Gray County
10-00440 MORSE, J. S. -D- Gray County
10-00520 CHAPMAN -C- Gray County
10-00521 CLAYTON -C- Gray County
10-00523 MASSIE-CHAPMAN Gray County
10-01439 EAST Wheeler County
10-024134 JOHNSON, E. B. Hutchinson County
10-025765 KENO Carson County
10-026537 MAJOR Wheeler County
10-03303 HERBER Carson County
10-039538 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-04393 TAYLOR, JAY "B" Oldham County
10-04398 FULTON-KING "A" Oldham County
10-04433 TAYLOR, JAY "D" Oldham County
10-04543 MANSFIELD "CS" Oldham County
10-04548 SIMMONS Ochiltree County
10-04556 LAMASTER Ochiltree County
10-04615 SIMMONS, I. R. 1176 Ochiltree County
10-04683 PAMELA Gray County
10-05126 DETRIXHE Hemphill County
10-05456 BILLY'S CREEK 7,13,14 Oldham County
10-05582 BOB Oldham County
10-05637 GARRETT Hansford County
10-05946 POWELL, KENNETH L. ESTATE Hartley County
10-06207 LATHAM FAMILY UNIT Hartley County
10-06237 LATHEM FAMILY UNIT "B" Hartley County
10-06281 JONES, L. W. UNIT Hartley County
10-06285 POWELL E UNIT Hartley County
10-06333 POWELL, KENNETH L. ESTATE "D" Hartley County
10-06348 WALTON Ochiltree County
10-06386 LATHEM, GLEN O. UNIT Hartley County
10-06473 POWELL, KENNETH L. ESTATE "F" Hartley County
10-064750 FLOYE Hansford County
10-06579 MARY K. Hartley County
10-07174 LATHEM MARY K UNIT Hartley County
10-07181 RIO RICKS UPPER MORROW UNIT Ochiltree County
10-07195 POWELL D-3 UNIT Hartley County
10-07306 KENNETH L. POWELL ESTATE UNIT Hartley County
10-073935 CLARK Hansford County
10-081664 GRIMES Carson County
10-083978 ALICE Hansford County
10-085395 SANSING Lipscomb County
10-088003 BUCKSHOT Carson County
10-091786 JOHNSON, HENRY Wheeler County
10-092229 NELLORA Hemphill County
10-101085 HERBER Carson County
10-103739 MANDY Gray County
10-105404 DEBBIE Gray County
10-111524 STAMPS Carson County
10-125706 CHARLES Wheeler County
10-127213 MENDOTA RANCH Hemphill County
10-127533 CHAPMAN, A. J. -C- Gray County
10-128963 STILES Wheeler County
10-129943 BINFORD Oldham County
10-132678 BRYAN Sherman County
10-137281 BETH Gray County
10-137458 TERIANA Gray County
10-141185 JOHNSON -B- Hutchinson County
10-146356 CHARLES Wheeler County
10-192515 BRYAN Sherman County
10-227071 BAILEY "E" Wheeler County
10-279848 BRYAN Sherman County
8A-65921 JONES Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rio Petroleum, Inc.