Rio-Tex, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Rio-Tex, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Rio-Tex, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-058024 MOODY -1-57 Edwards County
01-059723 MOODY Edwards County
01-060765 MOODY Edwards County
01-060815 MOODY Edwards County
01-060837 MOODY Edwards County
01-064663 MOODY Edwards County
01-076843 MOODY Edwards County
01-076844 MOODY Edwards County
01-076845 MOODY Edwards County
01-077109 MOODY Edwards County
01-077558 MOODY Edwards County
01-085380 MOODY Edwards County
01-085505 MOODY, DENMAN Edwards County
01-08820 STAVINOHA, V. Wilson County
01-092167 SLOVAK, ALBIN P. ET AL Zavala County
01-097026 MOODY, DENMAN Edwards County
01-097027 MOODY, DENMAN Edwards County
01-097028 MOODY Edwards County
01-097325 MOODY, DENMAN "A" Edwards County
01-09791 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE #67 La Salle County
01-10233 KILGORE Wilson County
01-115289 BROWNE, M. Zavala County
01-12449 HARRIS Frio County
01-127236 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE La Salle County
01-129744 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE La Salle County
01-14447 LEWIS Real County
01-14898 CHICON CREEK Zavala County
01-15038 DODSON Atascosa County
01-15046 DODSON Atascosa County
01-15121 FELPS Zavala County
01-15168 HOPPER, MARGARET Wilson County
01-152330 MOODY Edwards County
01-153554 MOODY Edwards County
01-153603 MOODY Edwards County
01-154945 MOODY Edwards County
01-155854 MOODY Edwards County
01-15900 CAMPBELL Atascosa County
01-171045 GREER, JAMES L. Edwards County
01-173841 SPECK 6 Edwards County
01-178324 WHITEHEAD "A" Val Verde County
01-183515 GREER Edwards County
01-18449 WHITEHEAD WARDLAW Edwards County
01-186540 BLUDWORTH Edwards County
01-188157 LEWIS Real County
01-18824 SCHENKEL Edwards County
01-18848 WHITEHEAD WARDLAW Edwards County
01-18861 NOCKENUT Wilson County
01-18952 NOCKENUT Wilson County
01-189622 LEONARD Val Verde County
01-19108 NOCKENUT Wilson County
01-193156 LEWIS Real County
01-193206 LEONARD Val Verde County
01-196026 LEONARD Val Verde County
01-205627 LEWIS Real County
01-205637 BUFFALO Edwards County
01-205880 LEWIS Real County
01-205966 LEWIS Real County
01-211586 LEWIS Real County
02-08459 MAURER, BOONE Karnes County
02-09433 MAURER, BOONE Karnes County
02-144046 LANDGREBE Goliad County
03-133126 PIERCE CITY Wharton County
04-11188 DRISCOLL -A- Duval County
04-134905 CANALES Duval County
08-12513 UNIVERSITY -22- Andrews County
08-34874 LINDSEY STATE Pecos County
08-35969 LINDSEY STATE Pecos County
7C-13467 MENZIES Menard County
7C-137121 ASKEW, GUY Sutton County
7C-137122 ASKEW, GUY Sutton County
7C-146069 PAKENHAM (STATE) Terrell County
7C-146615 PAKENHAM Terrell County
7C-147436 PAKENHAM STATE Terrell County
7C-148597 UNIVERSITY Terrell County
7C-150839 PAKENHAM STATE Terrell County
7C-151476 UNIVERSITY Terrell County
7C-154597 POULTER Terrell County
7C-160418 PAKENHAM Terrell County
7C-219985 UNIVERSITY Terrell County
8A-67942 JONES Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Rio-Tex, Inc.