Sabine Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sabine Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Sabine Corporation
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Leases Operated by Sabine Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-08900 FRANKLIN, J.B. JR. McMullen County
04-094491 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-094492 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-098217 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-098786 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-103033 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-103355 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-10617 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-10980 HORNE Nueces County
04-11313 RUSSELL Nueces County
04-113614 DOUGHTY Nueces County
04-11484 RUSSELL Nueces County
04-116675 TALBERT, FAY Nueces County
04-117182 BROWN, FLOYD W. ET AL Nueces County
04-117979 SIMS Nueces County
04-122177 BROWN, FLOYD W. ETAL Nueces County
04-123654 LONDON HEIRS Nueces County
06-12118 WOOLVERTON Anderson County
08-033244 MOBIL-GLENN Crane County
08-17447 RENAUD Crane County
08-29921 GLENN D K Crane County
08-31904 BROWN REEDER Martin County
7C-04406 KINCAID Upton County
7C-05817 BIRD, F. A. -A- Reagan County
8A-043466 MOOERS ESTATE Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sabine Corporation