Shidler, Mark L., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Shidler, Mark L., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Shidler, Mark L., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12969 COOK, L.D. Gonzales County
01-15217 KELLY Gonzales County
02-104466 PEREIRA Goliad County
02-105737 PEREIRA Goliad County
02-111976 GILL, CLAUDIA P. Bee County
02-133215 SIMPSON Lavaca County
02-174669 PEREIRA Goliad County
02-190271 PEREIRA Goliad County
02-198016 WENDT Lavaca County
02-230779 MUELLER Lavaca County
02-242786 MUELLER Lavaca County
03-03742 KIRBY WEST "C" Polk County
03-03743 KIRBY-WEST Polk County
03-03744 DOUCETTE, F. L. Polk County
03-03745 KIRBY-WEST LUMBER CO. Polk County
03-073152 WARD, HERMAN H. San Jacinto County
03-08293 HUMBLE-YONAJOSA FEE Hardin County
03-08464 TURNER HEIRS Hardin County
03-09839 HOWARD Chambers County
03-114008 BUTERA Harris County
03-11496 DYCO-HAMILL-MCDONALD Liberty County
03-117529 ANDERSON ESTATE Jefferson County
03-121422 DOSS, W. Matagorda County
03-122597 KIRBY Polk County
03-123577 KIRBY LUMBER CO. Polk County
03-124325 ZALMAN Wharton County
03-126336 HOWARD -C- Chambers County
03-16626 FERRERI, JOE A. Brazos County
03-175341 PIERCE ESTATE Matagorda County
03-177936 PIERCE ESTATE Matagorda County
03-189840 UVACEK Brazos County
03-19609 DOUCETTE, F.L. Polk County
03-19915 BUNK, J.F. Matagorda County
03-20208 KIRBY LUMBER COMPANY Polk County
03-20487 MCDONALD, HAMILL Liberty County
03-21600 HOSKINS, BOBBY Fayette County
03-22505 HOOKS, J. B. "A" Hardin County
03-22618 TURNER HEIRS Hardin County
03-22700 MCDONALD, HAMILL #1 Liberty County
03-22981 DOUCETTE Polk County
03-233025 STEVENS Brazoria County
03-23534 EVANS, W. E. Galveston County
03-24086 TURNER HEIRS Hardin County
03-24160 HOOKS, J. B. HEIRS Hardin County
03-24198 GCWA Galveston County
03-25407 MCCULLOUGH Brazos County
03-282737 MCCULLOUGH Brazos County
04-100828 FROST NATIONAL BANK & TRUST Duval County
04-145105 MOLLETES CREEK "A" G.U. Zapata County
04-157128 MOLLETES CREEK "A" GU Zapata County
06-14346 MARTIN Harrison County
08-081179 DULL KNIFE Winkler County
08-084123 HOWELL, PAT Winkler County
08-165083 SHACKELFORD PECK Midland County
08-21100 ZANT, H. N., -A- Borden County
08-29036 FERNANDES RANCH Winkler County
08-35936 SHACKELFORD-PECK Midland County
09-15318 SCOTT-CLEVELAND -A- Clay County
09-213505 ROSS Johnson County
09-223995 TRITT Denton County
09-235558 PARKER-BETZEL UNIT Johnson County
09-235559 PIPES Hill County
09-246669 MARTIN Parker County
09-253073 ROBINSON Johnson County
09-253075 MOORE UNIT B Johnson County
09-253081 MOORE UNIT A Johnson County
09-253084 PIPES Hill County
09-253508 PIPES Hill County
09-254892 MCCUTCHIN Denton County
09-26473 SCOTT, LOWELL Clay County
10-101396 MORRIS-SHELL Hemphill County
10-119363 ROBERTS Hansford County
7B-12239 MCMEANS Stonewall County
7B-26775 SHIELDS UNIT Jones County
7B-27153 RAILROAD UNIT Jones County
7C-102579 GARNER "1" Terrell County
8A-18666 COTTON "A" Terry County
8A-61695 TERRELL CSL Gaines County
8A-64719 BRANCH ESTATE Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Shidler, Mark L., Inc.