Smith Production Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Smith Production Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Smith Production Inc.
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(281) 296-5600

Leases Operated by Smith Production Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-104467 BRYSCH GAS UNIT 2 Live Oak County
02-182037 ESTHER JACOBS GAS UNIT #2 Lavaca County
02-188969 ESTHER JACOBS GAS UNIT # 2 Lavaca County
03-02906 HALAMICEK, J. M. Wharton County
03-03616 FELDMAN, D. D. FEE Hardin County
04-110956 GARCIA, I. Y. Starr County
04-117431 CARDENAS, R.R. Starr County
04-118205 YTURRIA L&L CO. -C- Hidalgo County
04-125460 CNG GAS UNIT IV Hidalgo County
04-13838 DROUGHT 156 Duval County
04-14068 DROUGHT 156 Duval County
04-141922 EL PEYOTE MINERAL TRUST Zapata County
04-160338 ALVAREZ GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-160626 SALINAS "A" Zapata County
04-161329 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-174685 CHAPA, DAVID Hidalgo County
04-175486 SLATOR RANCH "A" Webb County
04-177527 BMT/K&H Webb County
04-177716 GARZA, L. Zapata County
04-182669 HERMANN, A.G. GAS UNIT Starr County
04-184520 BMT/K&H Webb County
04-185501 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-185707 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-186078 UNION RANCH Webb County
04-186423 SAMANO Starr County
04-186882 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-187145 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-187275 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-187498 SAMANO Starr County
04-188023 YTURRIA L & L -C- Hidalgo County
04-188141 BMT/K&H Webb County
04-188728 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-190121 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-192410 JAMIESON, DARWINA Hidalgo County
04-192977 SAMANO Starr County
04-195169 SANTA FE RANCH Brooks County
04-197005 DE FLORES, M. S. Starr County
04-198373 SAMANO Starr County
04-214137 SLATOR RANCH Zapata County
04-219889 BMT/K&H Zapata County
04-219890 SLATOR RANCH Webb County
04-222385 BMT/K&H Zapata County
04-222417 SLATOR RANCH Zapata County
04-222672 SLATOR RANCH Webb County
04-223026 SLATOR RANCH Zapata County
04-225205 BTLT A Starr County
04-226133 BTLT B Hidalgo County
04-226329 UNION RANCH-LOPEZ Webb County
04-226330 STAGGS Webb County
04-230382 BMT-BARROCITO Zapata County
04-230384 SLATOR RANCH Webb County
04-232737 VERTREES, CHARLES D. Hidalgo County
04-233198 BARROCITO, B.M. Zapata County
04-239274 BILLINGS RANCH Webb County
04-239578 REILLY HEIRS Starr County
04-240998 BTLT Starr County
04-241034 ALVAREZ Starr County
04-242083 BTLT Starr County
04-242263 STAGGS Webb County
04-244623 GARCIA, I. Y. Starr County
04-246600 ALEXANDER, MAUREEN Zapata County
04-246614 MARSHALL, S. G. Zapata County
04-246992 BARROCITO, B.M. Zapata County
04-247544 BTLT Starr County
04-247791 MARSHALL, S. G. Zapata County
04-248824 BILLINGS RANCH Webb County
04-251688 UNION RANCH Webb County
04-255692 BILLINGS B Webb County
04-256289 BILLINGS B Webb County
04-257806 BILLINGS RANCH Webb County
04-259304 SLATOR RANCH Zapata County
04-261169 BILLINGS RANCH Webb County
04-262424 BMT K&H Zapata County
04-262709 BILLINGS RANCH Webb County
04-265120 FALCON Starr County
04-288439 BRISCOE 'D' Webb County
04-288874 SLATOR RANCH Zapata County
04-288966 SLATOR RANCH Webb County
04-288970 SLATOR RANCH Zapata County
04-289296 SLATOR RANCH Webb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Smith Production Inc.