Strange, D. D. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Strange, D. D.
Map of Wells Operated by Strange, D. D.
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Leases Operated by Strange, D. D.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00696 PARRISH Archer County
09-01396 COTTINGHAM Baylor County
09-12596 FOSTER, ED. -A- Wichita County
09-14308 HILL, CLAUDE Knox County
09-15919 WAGGONER, W. T., EST. -M- Wichita County
09-16596 GASS, M. J. Knox County
09-16867 GASS, M. J. -N- Knox County
09-17665 EXPANDO PRODUCTION CO. FEE Archer County
09-18406 CITY NATIONAL BANK Archer County
09-18641 MOBIL Archer County
09-19757 CAMPBELL, TOM Knox County
09-19864 STRANGE, D. D. Wichita County
09-20522 BURNSIDES-F- Wichita County
09-20689 STRANGE, DOUGLAS D. Archer County
09-22006 TEXACO Archer County
09-22304 DENNY, EARLE Wichita County
09-22468 DENNY, EARLE "A" Wichita County
09-24126 MOBIL "A" Archer County
09-24612 CAMPBELL, MARY JO Knox County
09-25173 GRAY Archer County
09-26228 TAYLOR ESTATE Clay County
09-26514 GLASGOW Clay County
09-27575 PACE & STRANGE Young County
09-27583 EXPANDO Archer County
8A-15358 ALEXANDER ESTATE "A" King County
8A-60309 BURNETT, S. B. ESTATE King County
8A-60406 ALEXANDER ESTATE "B" King County
8A-60642 ALEXANDER ESTATE "C" King County
8A-60670 ALEXANDER ESTATE "M" King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Strange, D. D.