Sue-Ann Oil & Gas Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sue-Ann Oil & Gas Company
Map of Wells Operated by Sue-Ann Oil & Gas Company
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Leases Operated by Sue-Ann Oil & Gas Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-08435 INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT Gonzales County
01-11395 KLEIN Guadalupe County
01-12405 HENRY, J.B. McMullen County
02-001110 SLICK, TOM Bee County
02-001788 HYNES, JAMES A. -F- Refugio County
02-002042 GONZALES, MAURO ESTATE Victoria County
02-00634 BIALEK, ALBINA DeWitt County
02-00637 BIALEK, ALBINA DeWitt County
02-00638 SAGER, R. C. DeWitt County
02-00722 PLUECKHAHN, E. Karnes County
02-00723 RZEPPA, JULIA Karnes County
02-01478 RIEDEL, W. H. DeWitt County
02-01481 WOOD, J. F. Goliad County
02-01905 HYNES, JAMES A., -F- Refugio County
02-02119 STOLLEIS, MAX, ET UX DeWitt County
02-02967 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Victoria County
02-04519 MAURITZ, M. W. -C- Jackson County
02-04520 KUPPINGER LAND & CATTLE CO. Jackson County
02-04562 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Victoria County
02-04584 BROCK M. H. -C- Jackson County
02-04585 BROCK, M. H. -C- Jackson County
02-046253 KLOSTERMAN, LEO H. Jackson County
02-04728 SIMONS -A- Jackson County
02-049801 ROGERS, R. H. Jackson County
02-049989 SIMONS -A- Jackson County
02-05145 JONES, F.E. Victoria County
02-05158 MAURITZ, FRED ET AL Jackson County
02-052871 TRULL, FLORENCE M. Calhoun County
02-05429 PLUECKHAHN, E. Karnes County
02-05431 MAURITZ, HARRY TRUST Jackson County
02-05443 LANDERS, O.M. Victoria County
02-05485 BURDITT, ALLEN, ET AL Jackson County
02-116422 MCGEHEE Victoria County
02-116527 KLIMITCHEK Lavaca County
02-118185 KLIMITCHEK Lavaca County
02-121480 STOLLEIS, MAX ET UX DeWitt County
02-121600 BENNETT, W. H. Calhoun County
02-122327 STOLLEIS GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-122642 BENNETT, W. H. Calhoun County
02-122644 BENNETT, W. H. Calhoun County
02-122867 CHARLES KUESTER Victoria County
02-128231 MCCRORY, W.W. Jackson County
02-129274 DUNWOODY, CHARLES Calhoun County
02-131573 MCCAMPBELL, MARILOU Victoria County
03-005335 BLESSING -D- Matagorda County
03-005345 BLESSING S Matagorda County
03-005497 ANDERSON, CLARA M., UNIT Colorado County
03-007728 BEAVERSON ET AL Matagorda County
03-08402 WORRELL, R. J., COMM. Brazoria County
03-084644 CARSON, D. C. Orange County
03-10293 KELLY, R. J., COMMUNITY Brazoria County
03-104191 KAHLA UNIT Galveston County
03-106811 BLESSING "D" Matagorda County
03-107663 STEPHENS UNIT Colorado County
03-107905 KELLY, R.J. COMMUNITY Brazoria County
03-108117 HEIM, JOSEPH H., JR. Brazoria County
03-108394 HAYNES, MARIE B., GDN. Brazoria County
03-108765 MELCHER Wharton County
03-108859 HEIM, JOE JR. Brazoria County
03-10970 FRANK HILL B Madison County
03-110063 KRENEK "A" Colorado County
03-110064 STEPHENS,-SRC Colorado County
03-110431 BADGER UNIT Wharton County
03-113828 ANDERSON Colorado County
03-113867 ANDERSON Colorado County
03-116966 DINGLE, H. S. Brazoria County
03-122295 KRENEK "A" Colorado County
03-12235 VINEYARD "C" UNIT 1 Wharton County
03-12476 CORNELIUS, ETHEL Matagorda County
03-125815 COCHRAN Colorado County
03-129848 BLESSING -D- Matagorda County
03-13715 HEIM, JOSEPH H. JR. Brazoria County
03-13961 SUMMERS, FAITH S. UNIT Matagorda County
04-07248 PULLIN, G. W. San Patricio County
04-07251 FLINN, J. W. ESTAE -C- San Patricio County
04-07258 FLINN, J. W., ESTATE San Patricio County
04-07259 FLINN, J. W., ESTATE -A- San Patricio County
04-124707 FLINN, J. W. ESTATE "A" San Patricio County
04-126325 FLINN, J.W. "C" San Patricio County
06-12199 GRESHAM Angelina County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sue-Ann Oil & Gas Company