Sunbelt Salvage Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sunbelt Salvage
Map of Wells Operated by Sunbelt Salvage
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Leases Operated by Sunbelt Salvage

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-046063 THORPE, G. W. Stephens County
7B-046692 THORPE,G.W. "B" Stephens County
7B-046693 THORPE, G. W. -B- Stephens County
7B-048291 THORPE, G. W. -B- Stephens County
7B-048305 THORPE, G. W. -C- Eastland County
7B-106120 BAGGETT, MATTIE Eastland County
7B-10906 THORPE, G. W. Stephens County
7B-11213 THORPE, G. W. -B- Stephens County
7B-115126 WILSON Parker County
7B-116084 WILSON Parker County
7B-116661 WILSON Parker County
7B-116679 WILSON Parker County
7B-117416 KELLY Parker County
7B-117417 KELLY Parker County
7B-120104 KELLY Parker County
7B-122454 GERMANY "B" Eastland County
7B-125383 KING Eastland County
7B-12920 THORPE, G.W. -D- Stephens County
7B-129515 SNOW-HARRELL Eastland County
7B-129518 SNOW-HARRELL Eastland County
7B-131496 SNOW-WILBUR BOONE Eastland County
7B-136596 THORPE, G. W. Eastland County
7B-136890 THORPE, G. W. Stephens County
7B-141354 BEARD, J.A. Eastland County
7B-14177 THORPE, G.W. Eastland County
7B-14872 THORPE, G.W. Stephens County
7B-15593 BOTT, TED Stephens County
7B-16451 WILLIAMSON Eastland County
7B-18236 BEARD-4- Eastland County
7B-18280 MC ANDREW Taylor County
7B-18682 HARRELL, C. J. Eastland County
7B-21354 FOX Eastland County
7B-23525 SNOW-WILBUR BOONE Eastland County
7B-24252 SNOW-HARRELL Eastland County
7B-25320 MCGUIRE Haskell County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sunbelt Salvage