Taylor Oper. Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Taylor Oper. Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Taylor Oper. Co.
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Leases Operated by Taylor Oper. Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-10183 DAVIS -A- Anderson County
09-070921 SNIPES, T.G. Wise County
09-071221 YEATTS, MARILYN Wise County
09-073479 GOSSETT, J. C. Montague County
09-078906 MCENTIRE Young County
09-079908 FLANAGAN Wise County
09-099789 HOLLISTER-RITCHIE Jack County
09-100708 SIMONS Wise County
09-103753 SHELBY Jack County
09-106755 SHANAFELT "C" Young County
09-106817 CRUM, P.L. GAS UNIT Jack County
09-107846 CAMPSEY, GUINN Jack County
09-111375 DUFFY Jack County
09-116026 DAVIS-GREEN Jack County
09-16530 KEYSER, HILA -A- Young County
09-18052 CRAWFORD Young County
09-18265 CRAWFORD Young County
09-18297 HODGES, THOMAS Wise County
09-18562 KEYSER ESTATE Jack County
09-18668 PORTER, ORA Jack County
09-18752 LEWIS, H. H. Jack County
09-18771 NOBLES, R. H. Wise County
09-18898 HESS, C. M. Wise County
09-18947 LEWIS, ELZIE Jack County
09-19253 CASTLEBERRY Clay County
09-19307 RUMMAGE, W. W. Jack County
09-19559 HODGES, THOMAS -A- Wise County
09-19659 WHITSITT, GRACE Jack County
09-19681 FOWLER Jack County
09-19750 LEWIS, ELZIE Jack County
09-20049 CRUM Jack County
09-20056 NEWMAN Jack County
09-20177 TARKINGTON Wise County
09-20658 CARLOCK Jack County
09-20795 GLOVER-GILBERT Clay County
09-20854 CHRISTIAN Jack County
09-21210 NOLEN Clay County
09-21240 CRUM-REEVES OIL UNIT Jack County
09-21285 PRESTON CRUM Jack County
09-21296 HERNDON, A. B. Archer County
09-21353 CRUM, P. L. OIL UNIT Jack County
09-21361 STODDARD Jack County
09-21364 HERNDON, A. B. Archer County
09-21374 NEVILLE, W. B. Clay County
09-21520 WALSH-RUNDELL Jack County
09-21834 KALLENBACH, LAANNA Montague County
09-21973 PADGETT-NEWMAN OIL UNIT Jack County
09-21978 CHERRYHOMES Jack County
09-22001 PADGETT Young County
09-22023 NOLEN "A" Clay County
09-22078 NOLEN Clay County
09-22135 LAANA KALLENBACH Montague County
09-22184 RUMAGE, R. O. Clay County
09-22281 MOORE Clay County
09-22365 KENT Wise County
09-23451 WILLIAMS Clay County
09-23506 KENT Wise County
09-23731 DOSS Jack County
09-23868 TALLY "A" Clay County
09-23892 KENT Wise County
7B-078793 SWEATT- LANGDON Hood County
7B-079666 VEST Hood County
7B-080979 VEST Hood County
7B-082250 RAWLS Hood County
7B-091027 CORNELIUS, R. G. Palo Pinto County
7B-098173 SQUAW CREEK Hood County
7B-14055 MAUNEY M.D. Parker County
7B-14463 MOSS LLOYD Palo Pinto County
7B-15490 CORNELIUS R.G. Palo Pinto County
7B-16238 SQUAW CREEK Hood County
7B-16305 RAWLS Hood County
7B-17200 ANDREWS Stephens County
7B-17749 CLARK Eastland County
7B-18287 WATSON Eastland County
7B-18619 TROWER Stephens County
7B-18923 ARMSTRONG Comanche County
7B-19085 OGLESBY Eastland County
7B-21932 WOOD, ELMA Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by Taylor Oper. Co.