Te-Ray Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Te-Ray Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Te-Ray Resources, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Te-Ray Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-05665 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-05846 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-06081 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-06420 WELDER D Calhoun County
02-06512 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-07748 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-07756 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-07845 WELDER, P.H. "B13" Calhoun County
02-07867 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-08495 WELDER, P. H. "B" Calhoun County
02-08575 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-08582 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-08840 WELDER, P. H. "B" Calhoun County
02-08872 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-09002 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-133407 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-140094 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-141138 WELDER B Calhoun County
02-143119 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-144064 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-144265 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-144266 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-147783 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
02-216683 WELDER "B" Calhoun County
03-079984 SOUTH EAST HULL I.P. GAS UNIT Liberty County
03-09916 MARGENE UNIT Houston County
03-161629 UHYREK UNIT Fayette County
03-166348 BLAIR OL UNIT Fayette County
03-167153 SHULA UNIT Fayette County
03-168703 REYNOLDS "B" Wharton County
03-23343 SEALE RANCH UNIT Brazos County
03-23470 BURGESS-MELBERG UNIT Brazos County
03-23471 SEALE RANCH UNIT "A" Brazos County
03-23529 MECHURA UNIT Fayette County
03-23638 HAYEK UNIT Fayette County
06-029337 BROOKS-WILLIAMS Panola County
06-029500 BROOKS-WILLIAMS Panola County
09-20345 COOK, LETHA Hardeman County
09-23285 POTTS, J. L. Hardeman County
09-23450 PALAURA-RAPP Hardeman County
09-25833 HOWARD "D" Hardeman County
09-30649 HOWARD "D" Hardeman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Te-Ray Resources, Inc.