Texaco Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texaco Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texaco Inc.
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Leases Operated by Texaco Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-048710 GOUGER H.E. FEE NCT-2 McMullen County
02-001566 PIEPER GAS UNIT #2 Goliad County
02-022925 TUNISON, F. V. NCT #1 Jackson County
02-036156 LOTT, A. P. Goliad County
02-04631 L. RANCH -A- O/A Jackson County
02-058914 MAURITZ GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-073188 SILLIMAN GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-101276 TUNISON, F. V. NCT-1 Jackson County
03-005341 MCINTOSH GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-006650 GRESHAM, J. W. Wharton County
03-007211 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-008563 HILLEGEIST, E., TRACT 1 Harris County
03-01543 BROUSSARD TRUST Chambers County
03-031872 BLESSING D Matagorda County
03-03730 SMITH & CRAWFORD FEE Hardin County
03-042483 MOUND CO. LSE. NCT-1 Brazoria County
03-050156 M. W. GAS -S- UNIT 0/A Wharton County
03-053666 STARK, W. H. "B" NCT-1 Orange County
03-055464 BROUSSARD, J. E. Wharton County
03-059944 BROUSSARD - HANCOCK - STOVALL Wharton County
03-068112 PIERCE ESTATES -E- Wharton County
03-070462 BELCHER W.T. -A- Brazoria County
03-072521 PIERCE ESTATES -E- Wharton County
03-076063 MIXON GAS UNIT O/A Tyler County
03-082183 BRIDGET STEELE UNIT Jefferson County
03-08978 BRAUER, H. D. Jefferson County
03-09243 SCHERER, W. B. Harris County
03-100440 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-10585 MOORE, W.C., FEE O/A Liberty County
03-11170 BLESSING PILLER Matagorda County
03-15523 YEAGER, S.T. UNIT Brazos County
04-009315 ARMSTRONG, E. L., -B- Jim Hogg County
04-010838 RIO GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-011711 DCRC -A- NCT-3 UNIT 3 O/A Duval County
04-014666 DE TIJERINA, H. C. Jim Wells County
04-031436 LANE, E. H. San Patricio County
04-040613 WELDER, J. F., HEIRS -E- Duval County
04-047548 YTURRIA L & C CO. NCT-1 Kenedy County
04-049055 GUERRA, A. Hidalgo County
04-053196 PARKER, C. C. -A- San Patricio County
04-056975 BLOOMBERG, S.D. Starr County
04-058861 LAGUNA MADRE ST.TR. 726 Cameron County
04-06405 YTURRIA L & C CO. NCT-2 Willacy County
04-072213 H.C. DE TIJERINA Jim Wells County
04-07695 WELDER, J.F. HRS. C NCT-2 O/A San Patricio County
04-078356 YTURRIA L&L CO. "A" NCT 1 Willacy County
04-081188 WELDER, J.F. UNIT San Patricio County
04-08367 COX, E. S. San Patricio County
04-08485 D.C.R.C. NCT-29 Duval County
04-08993 RICHARDSON, C. R. Nueces County
04-09425 SMITH, H. A. San Patricio County
04-09781 YTURRIA, L&L CO. -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
04-10374 YTURRIA L&C CO. NCT-2 Willacy County
04-11266 YTURRIA L&C CO. NCT-2 Willacy County
04-129244 YTURRIA L&C CO. NCT-2 Willacy County
06-015773 BURNS, LIZZIE NCT-1 Panola County
06-03385 CHILDRESS, R. C. ETAL OIL UNIT Rusk County
06-050083 HUNTER, ELIZA Anderson County
08-019479 MIDLAND -U- FEE Midland County
08-03113 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-8 Crane County
08-037291 BRYANT G. /DEVONIAN/ UNIT Midland County
08-04556 ZANT, H. N. -A- Howard County
08-07084 CLANTON, ERNEST L. Howard County
08-09382 CLARKE,F.,JR.NCT-1 Andrews County
08-14818 REEVES -L- FEE Reeves County
08-17724 ECTOR -E- FEE NCT-1 Ector County
08-21501 MIDLAND -T- FEE Midland County
08-24548 STERLING "G" FEE Sterling County
09-02225 FELDERHOFF, H. "B" Cooke County
09-12569 REEDY, S. E. Wise County
10-01625 CARMODY, E. M. Hansford County
10-022627 BYRUM, B. F. A. -B- Roberts County
10-028333 S. P. DANIEL -A- GU Ochiltree County
10-03566 SMITH, L. M. Gray County
7B-02953 JORDAN, R. H. Nolan County
7B-16869 LAMKIN C.W. NCT-2 Nolan County
7C-04783 UPTON -S- FEE Upton County
8A-05119 CRUMP, J. L. Gaines County
8A-14937 BYERS, E. M., -B- NCT 1 Gaines County
8A-60114 ELAM, LAURA Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texaco Inc.