Texaco Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texaco Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texaco Inc.
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Leases Operated by Texaco Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000151 PARSONS GAS UNIT Zavala County
01-091669 GOUGHER, H. E. FEE NCT-1 McMullen County
02-003902 HYNES, JAMIE -A- Refugio County
02-036920 SCHWIND EST. Jackson County
02-04809 HULTQUIST, O. Jackson County
02-058705 TUNISON, F. V. NCT-1 Jackson County
02-097698 ML & I GAS UNIT Jackson County
03-005583 WIETING, A. M., GAS UNIT O/A Brazoria County
03-007224 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-02158 ORSAK, J. N. Wharton County
03-031872 BLESSING D Matagorda County
03-03730 SMITH & CRAWFORD FEE Hardin County
03-048202 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-052199 STEVENSON FEE Harris County
03-055566 DAVIS, WIRT EST. O/A Liberty County
03-061538 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-06842 BLESSING PIERCE STATE Matagorda County
03-073081 POLK, J. V. -A- NCT-1 Orange County
03-079801 MW F-10-N- O/A Wharton County
03-087410 BROUSSARD, J. E. Wharton County
03-09445 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-10196 SAVAGE, H. "B" O/A Matagorda County
03-11142 DUFFY, G. A. -B- Wharton County
03-11170 BLESSING PILLER Matagorda County
03-15039 PONZICO, J. UNIT Brazos County
03-15523 YEAGER, S.T. UNIT Brazos County
04-009318 ARMSTRONG, E. L., -B- Jim Hogg County
04-009431 BLOOMBERG, S. D. Starr County
04-011630 LUBY, J. P. Nueces County
04-011631 SHAFFER, K. L. Nueces County
04-013076 ROBERTSON, J. C. Nueces County
04-013806 DE TIJERINA, H. C. Jim Wells County
04-032729 LA PRELLE, JOHN, ESTATE -A- Nueces County
04-033004 LUBY, J. M. Nueces County
04-041239 LUBY, J. P. Nueces County
04-041462 YTURRIA L. & L. CO., -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
04-048623 MCGILL BROS. NCT-1 Brooks County
04-048626 WILSON, E. C. Nueces County
04-051096 LANE, S. L. San Patricio County
04-054959 GUERRA, A. E. Hidalgo County
04-059195 WELDER, J. F. HEIRS -E- Duval County
04-06527 DUGGER, L. M. Nueces County
04-071277 MCGILL BROS. NCT-1 Brooks County
04-075972 LUBY, J.P. Nueces County
04-07888 YTURRIAL L & C CO. NCT-2 Willacy County
04-08201 CHAPMAN, J. O. Nueces County
04-08404 WELDER, J. F. UNIT San Patricio County
04-08846 LANE, S. L. San Patricio County
04-09308 BEVLY, W. M. -C- San Patricio County
04-099708 ESCOBAR, RODOLFO NCT-1 Starr County
04-105732 BOMER, E. T. San Patricio County
04-124372 RUIZ ESTATE GAS UNIT Starr County
06-00806 SHAW & CERN Anderson County
06-032210 WALTON GAS UNIT O/A Anderson County
08-019945 GRISHAM, M. A. FEE Culberson County
08-037271 BRYANT G. /DEVONIAN/ UNIT Midland County
08-047480 SCHARBAUER, C. ESTATE -E- NCT-1 Midland County
08-07084 CLANTON, ERNEST L. Howard County
08-13092 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-15 Ector County
08-16344 CLARKE, F., JR., NCT-2 Andrews County
08-19071 STATE OF TEXAS -X- Martin County
08-21745 PRICE, R. M. NCT-1 Pecos County
08-24568 STERLING "L" FEE Sterling County
08-28686 MIDLAND -F- FEE Midland County
09-04879 ULBIG, JOHN Montague County
09-16515 MURRELL, A. C. Cooke County
10-01661 LEWIS, T. D. NCT-5 Hutchinson County
10-02268 CARMODY, E. M., -C- Hansford County
10-026342 ATKINSON Collingsworth County
10-03147 MCLARTY-LESTER "A" NCT-2 Gray County
6E-08300 ELDER, H.T. & SONS
7B-03916 DAY, S. A. Stephens County
7B-13475 JORDON R.H. "A" Nolan County
7C-04077 KENT, N. G., -B- NCT-5 Tom Green County
7C-12545 POWELL, V. J. "B" N Upton County
8A-06666 PETTEWAY, HERMAN Dawson County
8A-15305 MILLER, ANNIE -B- Yoakum County
8A-60150 LOVE, W. V. Dawson County
8A-64249 MCPHAUL, JACK Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texaco Inc.