Texaco Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texaco Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texaco Inc.
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Leases Operated by Texaco Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-041043 GOUGER GAS UNIT #4 O/A McMullen County
02-001470 YOUNG, S. E. NCT-1 Bee County
02-003994 ROCHE, K. D. Refugio County
02-038129 STRICKLER, D. H. Jackson County
02-04855 SILLIMAN, L. A. Jackson County
02-059691 MAURITZ GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-107070 HAMILL GAS UNIT DeWitt County
03-005960 WILLIAMS, J. D. Liberty County
03-00694 WIETING, A. M. Brazoria County
03-008726 SAVAGE, H., NCT-1 Matagorda County
03-030978 THOMAS GAS UNIT #2 O/A Matagorda County
03-03413 ORANGE NATIONAL BANK Orange County
03-050091 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-053046 FED. BLK. 541 OCS-G1733
03-056444 FEDERL BLOCK 71-OSCG-1812
03-06521 TRULL, B. W., ESTATE O/A Matagorda County
03-067496 FEDERAL BLOCK 206 OCS-G 1831 High Island Large Block Offshore
03-07257 NEWBOLD, K. C. Chambers County
03-078749 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-085536 BROUSSARD, J. E. Wharton County
03-092457 MW F-10 -N- O/A Wharton County
03-10078 WHEELER & PICKENS FEE Harris County
03-11810 STARK, H.J.L. "B" NCT-1 Orange County
03-11816 TALCOTT, C.C. Matagorda County
03-16154 FRANK L. PATRANELLA UNIT 'A' Brazos County
04-010836 HIDALGO TOWNSITE GAS UNIT O/A Hidalgo County
04-010838 RIO GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-011709 DCRC -A- NCT-3 UNIT 3 O/A Duval County
04-014677 DE TIJERINA,H. C. Jim Wells County
04-01575 BISHOP DUVAL LAND CO. NCT-2 Duval County
04-038166 MCGILL BROS. NCT-1 Brooks County
04-040283 ISENSEE GAS UNIT Nueces County
04-047935 GUERRA, A. E. Hidalgo County
04-050350 YTURRIA L & L CO. -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
04-054884 CHAPMAN, J. O. Nueces County
04-058885 MCGILL BROS.NCT-1 Brooks County
04-06413 YTURRIA L. & L. CO. -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
04-071067 YTURRIA L & L -A- NCT - 1 Willacy County
04-075735 YTURRIA L & C CO. NCT-2 Willacy County
04-07861 WELDER, J. F. UNIT San Patricio County
04-08165 RUIZ, VICTOR Starr County
04-08573 YTURRIA L & L CO A NCT-1 Willacy County
04-085830 MULLEN, W.P. San Patricio County
04-09118 CHAPMAN, J. D. Nueces County
04-091484 YTURRIA L & C NCT-1 Kenedy County
04-095135 DE TIJERINA, H. C. Jim Wells County
04-095147 DE TIJERINA, H. C. Jim Wells County
04-101710 WALKER "C" Webb County
04-101865 BLOOMBERG, S. D. Starr County
04-108658 GUERRA, A. E. Hidalgo County
04-109640 WELDER, J. F. UNIT San Patricio County
05-015650 EDENS GAS UNIT O/A Navarro County
05-015651 CUNNINGHAM, L. B., O/A Navarro County
06-015956 FLANAGAN,M.T. ET AL -E-GASUNIT Gregg County
06-03975 ADAMS, T. C., NCT-2 Panola County
08-00970 KING, RICHARD NCT-2 Crane County
08-02178 COWDEN, J.F. Ector County
08-038222 MIDLAND FEE UNIT Midland County
08-04879 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-2 Ector County
08-076340 REEVES "AZ" FEE Reeves County
08-14021 CONNELL, W. E. NCT-7 Ector County
08-16738 LOVING -S- FEE Loving County
08-19259 COWDEN CISCO UNIT Ector County
08-22531 SANDERS, JUNE T. Midland County
08-25228 PECOS "D" FEE Pecos County
08-31505 GUNTER, MYRTLE Sterling County
09-09907 BORDEN, S. F., ESTATE Jack County
10-00005 FLOWERS, J. L. -A- Ochiltree County
10-01805 SCHULTZ, WILLIAM Lipscomb County
10-022762 CARMODY, E. M. -C- Hansford County
10-02741 MCGARRAUGH, C. S., -B- NCT-1 Ochiltree County
10-03420 WRIGHT, T. M. Ochiltree County
7B-017295 PARKS, J. W. -A- Stephens County
7B-06579 CLAUDE SMITH "B" Jones County
7C-02581 STATE OF TEXAS -BU- Upton County
7C-04363 UPTON -W- FEE Upton County
8A-02853 HUNTLY, B. D. Garza County
8A-08761 OGDEN, R. T. "A" Dawson County
8A-16347 WHARTON, A. B. SECTION 4 Gaines County
8A-60894 SLAUGHTER, BOB Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texaco Inc.