Texas Oil & Gas Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texas Oil & Gas Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Texas Oil & Gas Corp.
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Leases Operated by Texas Oil & Gas Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002900 KIRTLEY-DANIEL UNIT Calhoun County
02-002915 AVERY, J. O. Calhoun County
02-002924 KIRTLEY-DANIEL UNIT Calhoun County
02-030423 GRAVES, JOHN A., JR. Jackson County
02-03061 GRAVES Jackson County
02-03070 WILLIAMS HEIRS Victoria County
02-04322 STATE TRACT 58 Calhoun County
02-043277 GRAVES, J.A. -A- Jackson County
02-043439 WILLOUGHBY, A. J. Jackson County
02-052541 KIRTLEY-DANIEL UNIT Calhoun County
02-05300 MUSSELMAN CATTLE CO. -F- DeWitt County
02-053058 MUSSELMAN, ROSE L. "B" Victoria County
02-05528 MARBERRY, M. M. -A- Refugio County
02-055321 HOLLINGSWORTH, L. R. -A- Jackson County
02-055442 GRAVES Jackson County
02-05596 MURPHY "B" Victoria County
02-058332 WINDBERG, E. Goliad County
02-058333 KRUEGER, E. -A- Goliad County
02-058582 ZIPP Jackson County
02-061682 HILL, M. A. -A- Victoria County
02-06176 FROST NATIONAL BANK "A" Live Oak County
02-061853 HYNES MINERAL TRUST Refugio County
02-063845 WRIGHT, F. LEE RAY UNIT -A- Goliad County
02-064106 BRUNKENHOEFER, MARY Victoria County
02-064198 ROBINSON, VELMA -B- Jackson County
02-067209 DIETZEL -B- Victoria County
02-067252 ABRAMEIT, ELDER Goliad County
02-067458 BEASLEY Refugio County
02-067584 HILL, M. A. -A- Victoria County
02-070015 MUSSELMAN CATTLE CO. -F- DeWitt County
02-070376 MUSSELMAN, PAUL A. -C- Victoria County
02-070378 HYNES MINERAL TRUST Refugio County
02-070424 GERMAN, MELDER -B- UNIT Jackson County
02-073398 MUSSELMAN -C- Victoria County
02-073558 DRUSHEL -N- Jackson County
02-073560 HUBER Goliad County
02-073565 TERRELL, ETTA Goliad County
02-075242 HINNANT -A- Live Oak County
02-075359 SISSION Goliad County
02-075361 ANDEL -A- GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-075802 POLASEK GAS UNIT Bee County
02-079817 HINNANT Live Oak County
02-079947 HUBALEK, EMIL GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-079948 KOLLE -D- Victoria County
02-083328 GERMAN -B- Jackson County
02-083330 HILL -A- Victoria County
02-083414 DRUSHEL GAS UNIT Jackson County
03-006059 STATE TRACT 195S Galveston County
03-007013 ALLENSON Wharton County
03-03081 MCDOWELL Matagorda County
03-062704 PEARESON, P. E. -E- Wharton County
03-062893 BOETTCHER GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-063592 ALLENSON, O. F. Wharton County
03-073079 HLAVINKA -B- Wharton County
03-073386 MERIWETHER Wharton County
03-073733 POPP -A- GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-11805 MAUCH Wharton County
03-12016 DUFFY Wharton County
03-12122 SPARKS "A" Liberty County
04-044447 MIDDLETON, TRIPHENE -D- Webb County
04-044448 MIDDLETON, TRIPHENE -D- Webb County
04-04446 KAFFIE-NEYLAND San Patricio County
04-060354 OLD COLONY TRUST -C- Cameron County
04-060772 TILLER, W. C. -D- Jim Wells County
04-060905 RAGLAND,JOHN Jim Wells County
04-070593 MUIL -A- Jim Wells County
04-070644 WHITE -E- San Patricio County
04-071235 BROWNING ESTATE Nueces County
04-080264 CANNON "A" GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-080428 PROCHASKA Nueces County
04-080564 GARCIA "C" GAS UNIT Duval County
05-087088 LEWIS "B" Leon County
06-016027 ELLIS "A" Houston County
06-016383 HARRELL, E. A. Rusk County
08-072034 PERRY "B" Pecos County
08-073459 BUTLER, REED Crane County
08-075333 WILSON "K" Pecos County
7C-055483 PFLUGER Kimble County
7C-055607 UNIVERSITY -3- Crockett County
7C-055738 LOPEZ -A- Kimble County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texas Oil & Gas Corp.