Texas Vanguard Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texas Vanguard Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Texas Vanguard Oil Company
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P O BOX 202650
AUSTIN, TX 78720

Leases Operated by Texas Vanguard Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-02384 PAGE, HOLLAND Caldwell County
01-07027 RUNK STAYTON Wilson County
01-08081 MEISSNER Wilson County
03-127303 GONZALES Bastrop County
03-127744 DWORACZYK Bastrop County
03-127839 ESCHBERGER -B- Bastrop County
03-128239 ESCHBERGER -C- Bastrop County
03-128324 HOFFMAN Bastrop County
03-128434 ECHO-BLASIG Lee County
03-128498 HOFFMAN Bastrop County
03-128872 HALBADIER Bastrop County
03-129301 COOK, B. M. Bastrop County
03-129843 SAVANAH RIDGE UNIT NO. 2 Bastrop County
03-129844 MIKULEC-NINK -B- Bastrop County
03-13127 FRANKS, DELMUS UNIT Lee County
03-139333 GONZALES, ET AL Bastrop County
03-141295 GLONA, OTTO Lee County
03-19354 DOMASCHK, LOUIS Lee County
03-19367 GROESCHEL, LEONARD ET AL UNIT Bastrop County
03-19414 RUDOLF LORENZ Lee County
03-19508 FISCHER, MARTIN Lee County
03-19520 LEHMANN, D.J. Lee County
03-19582 LORENZ Lee County
03-19620 FARRACK, HERBERT Lee County
03-19632 FISCHER Bastrop County
03-19667 KING, W.S. Bastrop County
03-19691 MARKERT Bastrop County
03-19692 KASPER "A" Lee County
03-19736 CONLEY Bastrop County
03-19751 GRUETZNER, M.C. Lee County
03-19754 GLONA, CHARLES ET AL Bastrop County
03-19761 MAHONEY, JOHN Lee County
03-19784 BEHRENS, CONRAD Lee County
03-19843 H&P RANCH Bastrop County
03-19852 KOVAR Lee County
03-19858 H & P RANCH 'A' Bastrop County
03-19881 BEHRENS, WILLARD Lee County
03-19882 CAMPBELL, THOMAS Bastrop County
03-19900 ALBRECHT Lee County
03-19971 HORN Bastrop County
03-19998 AMG UNIT Lee County
03-20101 BARKER HEIRS #2 Bastrop County
03-20121 BEHRENS, ANGELYNE Bastrop County
03-20135 BARKER HEIRS #3 Bastrop County
03-20150 LORENZ, ADELIA ET AL Bastrop County
03-20175 ELMO SCHULZE Lee County
03-20186 LORENZ, ALFRED Lee County
03-20368 ECHO-VEHRENKAMP Lee County
03-20483 JANIS UNIT Lee County
03-20496 CHRISTIANSEN ET AL Bastrop County
03-20497 MAHONEY, JOHN A Lee County
03-20501 MAHONEY, JOHN B Lee County
03-20721 KING, W.S. ET AL Bastrop County
03-20723 COOK A Bastrop County
03-20767 MARQUIS Lee County
03-20792 CAMPBELL ET AL Bastrop County
03-20911 SPRETZ Lee County
03-20964 STEINBACH "F" Bastrop County
03-21088 KASPER, MILTON Lee County
03-21132 BEHRENS-OBRIEN #3 Bastrop County
03-21258 MAHONEY Lee County
03-21278 FISCHER, GERTRUDE Lee County
03-21292 LORENZ, GERTRUDE Lee County
03-22113 KELLY "D" Bastrop County
03-22177 ACT RANCH Bastrop County
03-22215 BLASIG Lee County
03-22245 CALVIN JR. Lee County
03-225621 CARPENTER Bastrop County
03-22684 BEHRENS UNIT Bastrop County
03-23052 GLONA, C. Bastrop County
03-23143 BLASIG A Bastrop County
03-23423 ARLDT Lee County
03-23700 BEHRENS-GLOGER Bastrop County
03-23701 ELKINS, DANIEL Bastrop County
03-23726 BEHRENS-O'BRIEN #2 Bastrop County
08-12063 OWENS-STATE Pecos County
08-27040 NAIL "B-1" Martin County
08-30274 PECK, PATTI Crane County
08-35985 KING Crane County
8A-61418 GORDON "B" Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texas Vanguard Oil Company