Texcal Energy (GP) LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texcal Energy (GP) LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Texcal Energy (GP) LLC
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370 17TH STREET SUITE 3900
DENVER, CO 80202-5610

Leases Operated by Texcal Energy (GP) LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-09423 HORTON, R.P. McMullen County
01-09921 THETFORD McMullen County
01-09922 WHEELER McMullen County
01-10136 THETFORD-TEAL UNIT NO. 1 McMullen County
01-10316 MATOCHA McMullen County
01-10458 TEAL -P- McMullen County
01-12003 MATOCHA McMullen County
01-14416 WHEELER McMullen County
01-219596 THETFORD-TEAL UNIT NO. 2 McMullen County
01-253226 THETFORD-TEAL UNIT NO. 1 McMullen County
02-06271 MELNAR, LILLIE Lavaca County
02-087617 MELNAR, FRED ESTATE Lavaca County
02-208259 HENDERSON ET AL GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-212164 HENDERSON ET AL GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-219200 FULLER - NEWTON, ET AL Goliad County
02-220588 FULLER-NEWTON ET AL Goliad County
02-220852 BREEDEN, P. H. GAS UNIT #1 Goliad County
02-220953 MELNAR, FRED ESTATE Lavaca County
02-223240 MELNAR, FRED ESTATE Lavaca County
02-237077 PETTUS, R. M. ET AL Goliad County
03-01631 STEWART, MACO -A- 300 Galveston County
03-02719 BALDWIN, J. C. FEE -A- NCT-1 Liberty County
03-02722 DAVIS, WIRT EST. -B- O/A Liberty County
03-02926 BELCHER, W. T. -A- Brazoria County
03-02935 WAY, H. J. -B- Brazoria County
03-03929 T. T. CO. FEE Hardin County
03-03959 GLADYS CITY Jefferson County
03-03960 MCFADDIN, W.P.H. Jefferson County
03-04627 KIRBY OIL & GAS CO. O/A Chambers County
03-05344 WELDER, W. D. Liberty County
03-05614 FORD, H. H. R/A -A- Brazoria County
03-05615 KIDD, MARGARET Brazoria County
03-05616 MILLER, WM. J., ESTATE Brazoria County
03-05618 SCHAEFER, ANNIE S. Brazoria County
03-05619 SNEED, GILBERT Brazoria County
03-05621 SURFACE, J. W. Brazoria County
03-05622 SURFACE, R. O. Brazoria County
03-05623 TURNER, B. L. Brazoria County
03-05624 WILLIAMS, H. G. Brazoria County
03-07852 LEMMER, J. L. Brazoria County
03-084970 SOUTH UNIT Wharton County
03-08768 COLBY, E. H. Brazoria County
03-09174 WAY, H. J., -A- Brazoria County
03-100237 WINTERMANN Wharton County
03-10259 BELCHER, W. T., "A" Brazoria County
03-10386 BELCHER, W. T. "B" Brazoria County
03-10398 DAWSON, L. C. Brazoria County
03-10399 H. O. F. A. Brazoria County
03-11422 MOSLEY, WALTER O. Madison County
03-11582 BUCHANAN, RAYMOND Brazos County
03-11636 GIBBS BROTHERS Madison County
03-11787 WATSON, J.P. Madison County
03-11843 HABARTA -J- Brazos County
03-122512 DRISDLE GAS UNIT Brazoria County
03-124124 GROTE, EMIL Brazoria County
03-15787 WILSON, JAMES D. UNIT #4 Brazos County
03-160843 ELVING, FRED -A- Brazoria County
03-161716 WHITON, G. Brazoria County
03-162664 TURNER, B. L. Brazoria County
03-166352 GROTE, EMIL Brazoria County
03-166378 GROTE, EMIL Brazoria County
03-18825 COLBY, E.H. ET AL Brazoria County
03-190197 CHAMPION Grimes County
03-19054 WEST HASTING UNIT Brazoria County
03-19559 FORCE, E.J. UNIT Brazoria County
03-201219 WINTERMANN Wharton County
03-201733 WINTERMANN Wharton County
03-20261 MASSEY Brazoria County
03-20335 TEXACO FEE 4596 Hardin County
03-20381 DOYLE GAS UNIT Jefferson County
03-211933 MUSTANG Grimes County
03-21281 EXXON FEE Jefferson County
03-21492 EXXON FEE Jefferson County
03-21579 KOCH-KIKER UNIT Jefferson County
03-21590 MIDLAND SECURITIES Liberty County
03-21932 REESE Brazoria County
03-22390 RANDALL-WHITON MIOCENE UNIT Brazoria County
03-229993 DEVON Grimes County
03-23102 WHALEY, BESSIE Chambers County
03-23594 E. J. FORCE UNIT Brazoria County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texcal Energy (GP) LLC