Travelers Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Travelers Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Travelers Oil Company
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(806) 467-0845

Leases Operated by Travelers Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00196 MORSE -A- Gray County
10-00197 SHORT Gray County
10-00401 HAYNES "B" Gray County
10-00402 HAYNES "C" Gray County
10-00486 HAYNES "A" Gray County
10-027954 CAPROCK -B- Sherman County
10-03064 MORSE -C- Gray County
10-03351 HUSELBY -A- Gray County
10-03631 HUSELBY Gray County
10-03776 HAYNES Gray County
10-03828 MARK Gray County
10-03857 MORSE Gray County
10-03978 CULLUM Gray County
10-03979 PERKINS Gray County
10-03981 JENNEY Gray County
10-04065 O'BRIEN Gray County
10-04159 BACK Gray County
10-04160 ELLIS Gray County
10-04213 CHAPMAN Gray County
10-04300 COLEBANK Gray County
10-06488 JOHNSON Hutchinson County
10-06747 SANFORD Hutchinson County
10-070348 BERTIE -A- Sherman County
10-091517 BURNETT -C- Carson County
10-120389 HOLT -F- Hansford County
10-121240 MULLINIX Sherman County
10-123897 PRICE Sherman County
10-171359 GEX Sherman County
10-171562 SAXBY Sherman County
10-171678 WILLIAMS Sherman County
10-176404 JARMER Sherman County
10-176405 IVENS Sherman County
10-185510 LEE Sherman County
10-185512 HARLAND "C" Sherman County
10-185513 BIVINS KK Sherman County
10-198654 BISON Sherman County
10-203960 RIFFE Sherman County
10-213031 SMITH, ARLIE Hartley County
10-216369 MARVIN Moore County
10-217359 CRAIG "B" Sherman County
10-217366 WIGINTON "B" Sherman County
10-217368 THATEN Moore County
10-220202 MASS Moore County
10-230410 LOVE Moore County
10-230945 MARNI Moore County
10-243560 REYNOLDS Sherman County
10-246705 WITT Sherman County
10-246706 WITTER "A" Sherman County
10-254224 REUTER Moore County
10-254290 NELSON Moore County
10-254291 RAY Moore County
10-254953 HARRIET Sherman County
10-255034 BALF Hartley County
10-255035 ZELLA Moore County
10-256299 W A WHORTON Sherman County
10-258081 STOCKING Moore County
10-259697 BIVINS KK Sherman County
10-262053 BASKIN Sherman County
10-262276 STAHL 'A' Sherman County
10-262390 GARRETT "B" Sherman County
10-262875 BALFOUR Hartley County
10-262876 PAASCH Moore County
10-264789 CR JONES E Moore County
10-266506 CR JONES "A" Moore County
10-266567 MEIER CHARLES Moore County
10-266948 MIXON Moore County
10-267172 CARVE Moore County
10-267206 GILBERT A Sherman County
10-267985 INA Hartley County
10-267991 CLUCK 'H' Sherman County
10-269246 SHER Sherman County
10-273525 BALFOUR Hartley County
10-275762 WHORTON Sherman County
10-275886 BIVINS KK Hansford County
10-276330 IVENS R Sherman County
10-276539 INA Hartley County
10-279294 BALFIELD Moore County
10-279420 BOOHER, J.B. Moore County
10-280025 BRICKER, A. D. Moore County
10-280923 PITTMAN Moore County

Drilling Permits Filed by Travelers Oil Company