Tree Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Tree Operating, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Tree Operating, LLC
Contact Information
Company Name:

PO BOX 1925
GRAHAM, TX 76450


Leases Operated by Tree Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-17914 DILLEY-SWD Frio County
09-029118 MCKITTRICK-MCCONNELL Jack County
09-072298 LONG, R. W. ET AL Jack County
09-126986 MCCONNEL Jack County
09-142207 MORRIS, R. L. Jack County
09-142209 MORRIS, R. L. Jack County
09-142287 LONG, R. ET AL Jack County
09-14893 MORRIS Jack County
09-15590 EDWARDS Clay County
09-163881 FRANCIS Jack County
09-165446 FRANCIS "A" Jack County
09-168779 FRANCIS "B" Jack County
09-169443 LONG, ROY ET AL Jack County
09-18765 MEEKS "2 A" Jack County
09-190315 METCALF Jack County
09-201411 LONG, W. O. Jack County
09-215325 NASH-TRIAD UNIT Parker County
09-215326 NASH-TRIAD UNIT Parker County
09-216026 COSPER-WHITEHORN UNIT Johnson County
09-218040 GRACE Jack County
09-222716 MCCONNELL Jack County
09-226936 TRIAD-HENDRIX UNIT Parker County
09-227014 TRIAD-COOPER Hood County
09-24074 BUTLER Clay County
09-24402 MEEKS Jack County
09-24466 MEEKS "NO. 3" Jack County
09-253325 TRIAD-COOPER Hood County
09-25860 FANT RANCH UNIT Knox County
09-282825 MCKITTRICK-MCCONNELL Jack County
09-282971 DESTINY Jack County
09-283317 MCKITTRICK-MCCONNELL Jack County
09-29673 MCCONNELL Jack County
09-29702 SMITH, CARL Jack County
09-30384 SEIGLER Clay County
09-30413 J W BROWN UNIT Jack County
09-32265 DESTINY Jack County
09-33082 MALONE Jack County
7B-082702 NASH Parker County
7B-083617 CARTWRIGHT Parker County
7B-088908 BENNETT Parker County
7B-088976 BENNETT Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Tree Operating, LLC