Umc Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Umc Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Umc Petroleum Corporation
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Leases Operated by Umc Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-062055 CAUTHORN -11- Val Verde County
01-089368 CAUTHORN, ADAH -11- Val Verde County
03-02761 PRATT, H. J., DR. Polk County
05-140718 COOK, LOUISE "A" Leon County
06-04307 SHAMBURGER LAKE UNIT Smith County
06-060927 HOLCOMB, A. W. Houston County
08-044024 DEARING, INC. Ward County
08-054790 MILLER, JANE DEAN ET AL Ward County
08-07284 DURGIN, D. B. SEC. 15 Ward County
08-07285 DURGIN, D. B. SEC. 23 Ward County
08-07290 YORK, J. F. TR. #2 Ward County
08-07291 YORK, J. F. TR. #3 Ward County
08-10694 MUNGER-NIX -A- Andrews County
08-10697 NIX-FUHRMAN Andrews County
08-11609 NIX C-L Andrews County
08-11935 NIX -F- Andrews County
08-20638 NIX-SOUTH UNIT Andrews County
08-23086 MCELROY RANCH CO. "G" Crane County
08-24941 PRINCE-YORK Ward County
08-25298 SEIDEL, ET AL Andrews County
08-25508 FUHRMAN, ET AL -A- Andrews County
08-25575 BASSEL, ET AL Andrews County
08-25578 EHRIG, ET AL Andrews County
08-25596 BOYD Andrews County
08-25836 FUHRMAN -B- Andrews County
08-29373 STRAIN Martin County
08-31467 PEBSWORTH ETAL Andrews County
08-33228 HANCOCK Andrews County
08-34648 WALLIN, H.C. Midland County
09-081509 JACKSON, HAL Wise County
09-20200 HARRIS Clay County
10-03814 MCNUTT Hutchinson County
10-051970 MATHERS Hemphill County
10-052624 MATHERS RANCH Hemphill County
10-053300 PRITCHARD Hutchinson County
10-053609 MCCLOY Hutchinson County
10-054743 MATHERS RANCH Hemphill County
10-054846 WOMBLE Hutchinson County
10-059079 YOUNG 65 Hemphill County
10-069294 LITTLE 43 Hemphill County
10-069593 MATHERS RANCH Hemphill County
10-069843 LITTLE Hemphill County
10-070349 PYEATT Hemphill County
10-070999 ARRINGTON Hemphill County
10-076996 MCMORDIE Roberts County
10-077922 MATHERS RANCH Hemphill County
10-087832 MATHERS RANCH Hemphill County
10-088518 HUMPHREYS Hemphill County
10-090751 STUDER Hemphill County
10-101532 MCMORDIE 128 Roberts County
10-104892 PYEATT Hemphill County
10-106232 YOUNG 65 Hemphill County
10-137901 LITTLE Hemphill County
10-142272 BOARD Hutchinson County
10-147572 YOUNG 66 Hemphill County
10-148040 ARRINGTON Hemphill County
7C-02590 MCELROY RANCH CO. -F- Upton County
7C-04049 ONEAL, B. J., ETAL Upton County
7C-04342 ONEAL, BILL JOHN, NE/4 SEC. 5 UN Upton County
7C-060606 JOHNSON, JO NELL -31- Sutton County
7C-063404 JOHNSON, JO NELL -31- Sutton County
7C-094099 JO NELL 16 Sutton County
7C-099748 JOHNSON, JO NELL -17- Sutton County
7C-11216 AMACKER "15" Upton County
7C-11691 WILSON "45" Upton County
7C-12164 MCMASTER #2 Reagan County
7C-12169 RICKER -24-"4" Reagan County
7C-143739 MCELROY RANCH CO. "F" Upton County
7C-147953 JOHNSON, JO NELL "31" Sutton County
8A-00287 DAVIS, V. C. Hockley County
8A-00292 LOPER, LILY Hockley County
8A-13196 CLAYTON-JOHNSON "G" Borden County
8A-60084 LEAGUE 91 PROJECT Cochran County
8A-60301 WELCH NORTHEAST UNIT Dawson County
8A-61531 FORTENBERRY "A" Dawson County
8A-62006 BARTLETT, V. S. Dawson County
8A-66615 PATRICIA, NE. (SPRABERRY) UNIT Dawson County
8A-66710 BORDEN (SPRABERRY) UNIT Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Umc Petroleum Corporation