Wise Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Wise Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Wise Production Company
Contact Information
Company Name:

PO BOX 550
BOWIE, TX 76230

(940) 872-3535

Leases Operated by Wise Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01475 CONWAY, H. E. Clay County
09-028816 STEWART, ORNEE Jack County
09-028818 STEWART, ORNEE Jack County
09-04449 LOVE, MATTIE Montague County
09-066010 PICKENS, GRACE Jack County
09-066528 SOUTHERLAND, W. B. Jack County
09-070580 SHOOP Wise County
09-073475 WAGGONER, HAZEL "B" Wise County
09-079723 MYERS, JERRY "ABC" Wise County
09-079724 WINDER-MORRIS UNIT Wise County
09-080684 KIBLER, JOHN Denton County
09-086749 KUTCH Wise County
09-086905 WAGGONER-WALKER UNIT Wise County
09-100084 FOREMAN-BROWN Wise County
09-106479 MULLINEX Jack County
09-115862 COYLE, LAURA BELLE Clay County
09-122286 WILLIS Jack County
09-14008 MINOR, LILLIE Montague County
09-14116 HUTH Montague County
09-14199 MINOR, LILLIE Montague County
09-14315 GILMORE Montague County
09-14397 MANGUM, E. R. Montague County
09-14663 GRONOW, MARY Montague County
09-14772 CLARK, HINDS Montague County
09-149353 DENSON Montague County
09-16168 BRIXEY, R. L. Clay County
09-168447 CRIM UNIT Montague County
09-16882 STOUT, R. B. ET AL Montague County
09-17162 CHANDLER Montague County
09-17219 CHANDLER, C. W. -B- Montague County
09-17283 CHRISTIE -B- Montague County
09-17294 CHRISTIE -C- Montague County
09-17367 BECKMAN Montague County
09-17476 PETTY Montague County
09-17477 CHRISTIE Montague County
09-18368 STEGALL, L. O. Montague County
09-18400 GOODWIN Montague County
09-18622 MONAGHAN, FRANCES ANN Jack County
09-18761 PEDEN, L. N. ET AL Clay County
09-18869 KILCREASE, BESSIE Montague County
09-18919 STELL, JAMES Clay County
09-19110 PEDEN, L. N. ET AL -A- Clay County
09-19785 COFFIELD, T. B. Montague County
09-19854 MONTAGUE COUNTY FARM Montague County
09-19859 GRAY, OLLIE Montague County
09-19988 VEITENHEIMER, A. -B- Clay County
09-20571 CONWAY Clay County
09-206703 FORT RICHARDSON Jack County
09-21227 LINDEMAN, A. R. Clay County
09-218050 GAMBLIN Montague County
09-22009 LINDEMAN, AL R. Clay County
09-22112 NABORS Montague County
09-22512 RANEY Wise County
09-22664 KIRBY, S. Montague County
09-23611 CARMINATI, P.A. Montague County
09-24081 CARMINATI "A" Montague County
09-24486 COKER, ROSA Clay County
09-25175 LYLES -B- Clay County
09-25386 MINOR Montague County
09-26116 OGLE, VIRGLE Jack County
09-26715 MEADOR Montague County
09-27757 CASE, J.I. Montague County
09-278809 ELROD, W. W. Montague County
09-28417 CHRISTIAN, DELLA "WB" Jack County
09-28708 GRINKE Clay County
09-28712 KUTCH -D- Wise County
09-29670 TUCKER Montague County
09-29757 WHITE, PAUL Montague County
09-29947 HUTH "B" Montague County
09-29953 MORRISON UNIT Montague County
09-29972 BAKER UNIT Montague County
09-30283 EWING Clay County
09-31158 P. A. CARMINATI Montague County
09-32020 CARMINATI "A" Montague County
09-32918 CODY Clay County
09-33866 MULLINAX Jack County
7B-062505 GRIMES, DENNIS Parker County
7B-068733 REYNOLDS NOEL Parker County
7B-072767 RUDOLPH Parker County
7B-119463 TEJAS-CLAYTON Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Wise Production Company