Wolsey Well Service, L.P. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Wolsey Well Service, L.P.
Map of Wells Operated by Wolsey Well Service, L.P.
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Leases Operated by Wolsey Well Service, L.P.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-271329 FLORES SEABURY Starr County
09-04592 HENRY Montague County
09-064348 RICHARDS "505" Jack County
09-105530 MULLINAX Jack County
09-106479 MULLINEX Jack County
09-122286 WILLIS Jack County
09-12537 HEARD, S. W., UNIT Montague County
09-12538 DAVIS-CLISBEE UNIT Montague County
09-12762 LYLES, J. T. Clay County
09-13943 HENRY, S. L. Montague County
09-13978 DOYLE, T. UNIT Montague County
09-144619 RHONE UNIT Montague County
09-146569 RICHARDS "472" Jack County
09-147651 MULLINAX Jack County
09-15844 HENRY, S. L. & W. R. Montague County
09-15866 CAPPS, J. M., -A- Montague County
09-16098 BROWN, J. T. Montague County
09-16168 BRIXEY, R. L. Clay County
09-16220 NOBILE-TENOGLIO-SALVI UNIT Montague County
09-16423 SALVI, PEARL, ET AL Montague County
09-16480 HOWARD, A. P. UNIT Montague County
09-17162 CHANDLER Montague County
09-17219 CHANDLER, C. W. -B- Montague County
09-17283 CHRISTIE -B- Montague County
09-17294 CHRISTIE -C- Montague County
09-17367 BECKMAN Montague County
09-17400 HAMILTON,M.J.(HILDRETH 3RD.CON.U Montague County
09-17476 PETTY Montague County
09-17477 CHRISTIE Montague County
09-17494 BECKMAN -F- Montague County
09-17670 ROYE, F. C. Montague County
09-17845 PETTY "D" Montague County
09-18200 PREAS, MARY Wise County
09-18215 ROYE, F. C. #2 Montague County
09-18369 BLOODWORTH, F. C. Jack County
09-187159 ALLIANCE SPEEDWAY UNIT Denton County
09-187175 ALLIANCE SPEEDWAY UNIT Denton County
09-187891 ALLIANCE SPEEDWAY UNIT Denton County
09-187892 ALLIANCE SPEEDWAY UNIT Denton County
09-18800 JOHNSON Montague County
09-18801 MIDDLETON, W. F. Montague County
09-18896 PIPKIN, LAURA Montague County
09-18919 STELL, JAMES Clay County
09-190794 ALLIANCE AA BREWER UNIT Tarrant County
09-190795 ALLIANCE AIRPORT KS UNIT Tarrant County
09-190796 NELSON-HYDE Denton County
09-190797 NELSON-HYDE Denton County
09-190798 BUCHANAN Denton County
09-192012 BUCHANAN Denton County
09-192013 BUCHANAN Denton County
09-192014 ALLIANCE AA BREWER UNIT Tarrant County
09-194000 OATES-STAR Wise County
09-194007 RSK-STAR Wise County
09-194008 RSK-STAR Wise County
09-194009 CITY OF AURORA Wise County
09-194278 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-194279 OATES-STAR Wise County
09-194300 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-194544 FLEISCHAKER, STAR Denton County
09-195171 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-195587 BELEW-STAR Wise County
09-196974 BELEW-STAR Wise County
09-197393 CATES-STAR Wise County
09-197394 CATES-STAR Wise County
09-199705 RSK-STAR Wise County
09-201520 ALLIANCE AA BREWER UNIT Tarrant County
09-22112 NABORS Montague County
09-22177 JACKSBORO, S. (1975) UNIT Jack County
09-22831 NOBILE-FENOGLIO-SALVI UNIT Montague County
09-22963 LYONS Jack County
09-23086 NOBILE Montague County
09-23255 MULLINAX Jack County
09-24820 PENN, J. E. Montague County
09-250109 MULLINAX Jack County
09-250110 MULLINAX Jack County
09-250112 MULLINAX Jack County
09-25175 LYLES -B- Clay County
09-25386 MINOR Montague County
09-267583 PIPKIN, LAURA Montague County
09-28708 GRINKE Clay County

Drilling Permits Filed by Wolsey Well Service, L.P.