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Leases Operated by 84 Energy LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01455 NORTHCUTT, J. L. Caldwell County
01-02005 CARTER, R. W. Caldwell County
01-02883 ZEDLER Guadalupe County
01-02927 WEBB, MAX L. Guadalupe County
01-03341 SCHACKEL, ANNIE ET AL Guadalupe County
01-03346 WEBB, MAX L., -B- Caldwell County
03-02778 GRANBURY, C. B. A/C #4 Polk County
03-02786 DICK & FALING Polk County
03-02787 JONES, R. H. Polk County
03-02789 MUNSON, W. B. HEIRS Polk County
03-06294 SODAK OIL COMPANY A/C #1 Polk County
03-09780 ARC-CALL & JONES Newton County
03-10463 PRATT, H. J. Polk County
03-10947 KIRBY LUMBER COMPANY Newton County
03-133632 PRATT, DR. H. J. Polk County
03-16918 GRANBURY, C.B. Polk County
03-178871 PRATT, DR. H. J. Polk County
03-178879 KURATI Waller County
03-178882 CHICHA Waller County
03-179427 KURATI Waller County
03-181164 WEIDO Waller County
03-182312 KURATI Waller County
03-22690 WTC Polk County
03-23176 MARTIN Waller County
03-23505 BURNS Newton County
03-235494 BOSTICK, DAN ESTATE Waller County
03-23627 PORTANOVA Waller County
03-23691 PORTANOVA Waller County
03-23734 VASTAR Newton County
03-23787 WEIDO Waller County
03-23839 KURATI Waller County
03-23924 SWEENEY Waller County
03-23949 CHICHA Waller County
03-23997 CRAWFORD, WADE ET UX Waller County
03-24043 BAINS, ANNA Waller County
03-24117 WILPITZ HEIRS Waller County
03-24166 NIKMARD Waller County
03-24184 BOSTIC, M. S. ESTATE Waller County
03-24237 JBG CHILDRENS 1991 TRUST B Waller County
03-24266 NEWTON Newton County
03-24267 NEWTON "B" Newton County
03-24287 STICKLE - MILTON UNIT Waller County
03-24295 VELA-MILTON Waller County
03-24298 CHAMPION RAY Newton County
03-24487 STATE LEASE M-102130 Waller County
03-24490 WHITTEN UNIT Newton County
03-24504 JBG CHILDRENS 1991 TRUST "C" Waller County
03-24701 NEWTON C Newton County
03-24731 PURE RESOURCES "A" Newton County
03-24737 DONDA Orange County
03-24762 SANTA MERCEDES Waller County
03-24777 SANTA MERCEDES "A" Waller County
03-24804 SANTA MERCEDES "B" Waller County
03-24846 HEARTWOOD Newton County
03-24868 SMITH, MORGAN Newton County
03-24901 NEWTON UNIT 'B' Newton County
03-24909 DELTA OLD SALEM UNIT Newton County
03-24918 PURE RESOURCES Newton County
03-24947 AEOLUS Newton County
03-24974 NEWTON "D" Newton County
03-25008 QUINN Newton County
03-25086 GRAY, JAMES Newton County
03-25125 CASSANDRA Newton County
03-25182 MCBRIDE Newton County
03-25479 LOW-BURGHER Waller County
03-25531 DONNER Newton County
03-25795 JBG CHILDRENS 1991 TRUST "A" Waller County
03-26804 DONNER Newton County
06-15396 CULVER, G. W. Gregg County
06-208894 CULVER, G.W. GU Gregg County
06-215236 MARSHALL-GRIFFITH Nacogdoches County
06-216279 MARSHALL-GRIFFITH Nacogdoches County
06-222347 SPRADLEY GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-222766 WILLIAMS GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-222767 MARSHALL-GRIFFITH Nacogdoches County
06-223453 REGIONS BANK GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-228897 BETHUNE B Nacogdoches County
06-230826 SUTTON, BEVERLY Nacogdoches County
6E-08105 BEAVERS, J. H. Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by 84 Energy LLC