Ampak Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ampak Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Ampak Oil Company
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PLANO, TX 75074


Leases Operated by Ampak Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05056 MAYO Frio County
01-06700 KING-HALL EST. Wilson County
01-07503 KING-HALL ESTATE -A- Wilson County
01-07687 MENDOZA, LUCIANO Frio County
01-08518 BYNUM, CECIL M. ET AL Atascosa County
01-10046 LOPEZ, ALFRED ET AL Atascosa County
01-11748 LORENZ, W.W. Wilson County
01-11774 LORENZ, W. W. Wilson County
01-11788 BAIN, F. L. Wilson County
01-11843 LORENZ, W.W. UNIT Wilson County
01-11944 LERMA UNIT Wilson County
01-12001 MCDONALD, W.M. Frio County
01-12122 SAMPLE UNIT Wilson County
01-12305 ANNA Wilson County
01-12920 SCHMIDT Frio County
01-13791 PFEIL Wilson County
01-13831 OSBORNE, ROBERT Wilson County
01-13846 MUIR, JOHN UNIT Wilson County
01-13886 LERMA UNIT Wilson County
01-13890 SNYDER, ELWOOD Wilson County
01-13921 BIRD-KING-HALL UNIT Wilson County
01-13927 MILLER Wilson County
01-13932 KILLIAN Wilson County
01-13935 CARROLL, JOHN TRUSTEE Wilson County
01-13941 KAYSER, R. F. Wilson County
01-13946 LENNON, J. J. Wilson County
01-13955 BAKER Wilson County
01-13956 LORENZ Wilson County
01-13990 KING-HALL ESTATE Wilson County
02-00717 FERTSCH, R. Karnes County
02-08468 FERTSCH Karnes County
02-08603 MIZE Victoria County
02-08747 SMITH Victoria County
02-08778 SCHMELTZER Victoria County
02-08782 BENGTSON Refugio County
02-08814 SCHMELTZER-JOHN UNIT "A" Victoria County
02-08823 HERRING RANCH Live Oak County
02-09175 HERRING RANCH Live Oak County
02-091813 PLACKE, E. E. DeWitt County
02-09518 GARZA Live Oak County
02-11320 DIRKS-MCKENZIE Bee County
02-114684 GARRETT DeWitt County
02-118180 MCDOUGAL-DELEON GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-126475 SCHMELTZER-JOHNS UNIT Victoria County
02-131543 HERRING RANCH Live Oak County
02-180844 CAROTHERS Victoria County
02-181884 SCHMELTZER Victoria County
02-182900 SCHEMLTZER Victoria County
02-183234 SCHMELTZER Victoria County
02-184231 COLOGNE Victoria County
02-184579 MCMILLAN Bee County
02-188996 JANSKY UNIT Jackson County
02-190736 WELDER Bee County
02-190740 MCMILLAN Bee County
02-192835 SMITH Victoria County
02-193749 MARTIN, MARY Goliad County
02-194661 SMITH Victoria County
02-194662 SMITH Victoria County
02-195163 SIMMS GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-196601 MCKENNON Bee County
02-213341 PEREZ Victoria County
02-217983 HERRING RANCH Live Oak County
02-240555 MICHAEL Victoria County
02-240567 MICHAEL Victoria County
08-151207 LYDA "44" Pecos County
08-17494 PARRAMORE Sterling County
08-18250 SELLERS, NELLIE Sterling County
08-35269 SELLERS Sterling County
08-43464 SELLERS 67 Sterling County
08-51750 NELLIE SELLERS Sterling County
08-54862 NELLIE SELLERS 'A' Sterling County
09-21155 PECHACEK Hardeman County
09-22193 BOYLES Hardeman County
09-22624 FERGUSON III, S. M. TRUST Hardeman County
09-30158 TURNER Hardeman County
09-30496 WHITFIELD-BARNETT UNIT Hardeman County
09-30627 WELCH Hardeman County
09-31118 PARK UNIT Hardeman County
7B-26977 WHITE Jones County
7B-30515 WILLIAMS 2046 Callahan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ampak Oil Company