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Wells Operated By Amplify Energy Operating LLC
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Leases Operated by Amplify Energy Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-138419 CARTER, W. T. & BRO. UNIT '3' Polk County
03-152163 CARTER, W. T. & BRO. Polk County
03-157577 CHAMPION INT'L. C Polk County
03-175707 CARTER, W. T. & BRO. UNIT 8 Polk County
03-180001 CHAMPION INT'L "C" Polk County
03-194198 COLLINS Polk County
03-199885 HAMMAN Polk County
03-201764 DAVIS-BLACK STONE GAS UNIT Polk County
06-029979 DANIELS B Panola County
06-029995 PIRKLE -B- Panola County
06-030334 CARTHAGE UNIT Panola County
06-123458 PHILLIPS E GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-12436 PAPAZIAN, J. A. ET AL Wood County
06-12528 ADAMS-MATTHEWS Wood County
06-15716 WATSON Cass County
06-158532 CARTHAGE GAS UNIT Panola County
06-171826 PARKER UNIT 3 Panola County
06-173992 COPELAND UNIT 2 Panola County
06-247384 HOLCOMBE UNIT Harrison County
06-253785 HOLCOMBE UNIT Harrison County
06-257040 HENDERSON GAS UNIT NO. 1 Gregg County
06-257434 WIENER ESTATE ET AL #3 GAS UNIT Panola County
06-264326 SPURLOCK Shelby County
06-267761 BESS RAYFORD GU - SILER HEIRS GU Rusk County
06-267832 WIENER ESTATE D Panola County
06-267954 HUFFMAN-SMITH Harrison County
06-268321 DORSEY, C.B. GAS UNIT #2 Rusk County
06-269489 SMITH, J. J. Panola County
06-269881 CRAWFORD Panola County
06-270316 BATTS GU Shelby County
06-270466 CLEMENTS GU1 Harrison County
06-270470 RITTER UNIT 1 Panola County
06-271690 HILL-IP (ALLOCATION) Panola County
06-272003 MAY Panola County
06-272004 MAY Panola County
06-272481 CROW HOLLAND GU (SA) Rusk County
06-273688 CROW-HOLLAND GU (SA) Rusk County
06-274157 PONE BUCKNER GU (SA) Rusk County
06-274220 ROGERS-SILER HEIRS (SA) Rusk County
06-274269 A. E. DEAN GU 1 Rusk County
06-274787 SABINE ROYALTY TRUST Panola County
06-275218 RITTER-DANIEL UNIT Panola County
06-275541 RITTER-DANIEL UNIT Panola County
06-275619 PONE GU (SA) Rusk County
06-276172 WIENER ESTATE 'F' Panola County
06-276197 DEAN, A. E. GAS UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-276618 YOUNGBLOOD-KING (SA) Rusk County
06-277581 DUNHAM, DAVID Panola County
06-278608 PONE GU (SA) Rusk County
06-279118 SEMPRA ENERGY Panola County
06-279673 YOUNGBLOOD-SILER-BESS (SA) Rusk County
06-279679 SEMPRA ENERGY Panola County
06-279680 CRAIG-CAGLE-HARRIS Rusk County
06-279688 WIENER D-ET AL #3 Panola County
06-279689 J.J. SMITH Panola County
06-279700 SABINE ROYALTY TRUST Panola County
06-279701 DULANY A GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-279702 YOUNGBLOOD-KING-MADDOX (SA) Rusk County
06-279703 H-H-CROW-HOLLAND (SA) Rusk County
06-279717 SEMPRA-WIENER-DUNHAM (SA) Panola County
06-279719 SEMPRA-WIENER-DUNHAM (SA) Panola County
06-279720 SP-DUNHAM_WIENER EST. 'D' (SA) Panola County
06-279727 PONE-FROST-BUCKNER GU (SA) Rusk County
06-279730 TRINITY-WIENER (SA) Panola County
06-279731 TRINITY-WIENER (SA) Panola County
06-279852 SEMPRA-WIENER (SA) Panola County
06-280275 SP-DUNHAM-WIENER EST. 'D' (SA)2H Panola County
06-280301 SP-WIENER EST.'D' (SA)1H Panola County
06-280878 ROGERS-JONES GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-280884 MAY-DUNHAM-WIENER (SA) Panola County
06-280890 OXSHEER-SP-WIENER 'E' (SA) 2H Panola County
06-281834 OXSHEER-SP-WIENER 'E' (SA)1H Panola County
06-283509 OXSHEER J19 (SA) 5 Panola County
06-283726 INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO. GU (SA) Panola County
06-283936 OXSHEER J19 (SA) 6 Panola County
06-284764 EDDINS-WIENER 'A' (SA)1H Panola County
06-284769 EDDINS-WIENER 'A' (SA)2H Panola County
06-284920 TRINITY G.U. J20 (ALLOC.) 3 Panola County
06-285034 INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO. GU Panola County

Drilling Permits Filed by Amplify Energy Operating LLC