Aruba Petroleum, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
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5762 US 380

Leases Operated by Aruba Petroleum, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-03408 BLOODWORTH, J. M. Jack County
09-16098 BROWN, J. T. Montague County
09-17400 HAMILTON,M.J.(HILDRETH 3RD.CON.U Montague County
09-201935 MAXWELL Wise County
09-224526 DEERFIELD RANCH Parker County
09-236345 BUCKNER Parker County
09-240960 BOULWARE Wise County
09-243488 CRETSINGER Parker County
09-248504 WAGGONER Wise County
09-248505 WAGGONER Wise County
09-248980 LYNCH, IMOGENE 33 Montague County
09-253207 STEVENS, ARTHUR Wise County
09-253657 STEVENS, ARTHUR Wise County
09-254083 WRIGHT Wise County
09-254311 WRIGHT Wise County
09-254750 WRIGHT Wise County
09-254976 WRIGHT Wise County
09-256795 WRIGHT Wise County
09-257431 MICHELETTI UNIT Parker County
09-257508 HARRIS Wise County
09-257601 MICHELETTI UNIT Parker County
09-257824 MARA UNIT Wise County
09-257847 MARA UNIT Wise County
09-258821 BUSEY-GAST UNIT Wise County
09-259021 MARA UNIT Wise County
09-259058 MARA UNIT Wise County
09-259126 SMITH Parker County
09-259560 MARA UNIT Wise County
09-259621 BUCKNER UNIT Parker County
09-259693 BUCKNER UNIT Parker County
09-259705 REDWINE Wise County
09-261841 STEVENS, ARTHUR Wise County
09-262678 STEVENS, ARTHUR Wise County
09-263718 GETTYS UNIT Wise County
09-264130 GETTYS Wise County
09-264853 BAILEY RANCH UNIT I Parker County
09-265453 BAILEY RANCH UNIT II Parker County
09-266039 WHATLEY UNIT Wise County
09-266171 WHATLEY UNIT Wise County
09-266769 READ UNIT Wise County
09-267135 WRIGHT Wise County
09-269267 BEESON UNIT Wise County
09-269401 BEESON UNIT Wise County
09-269796 MEEKER 211 Parker County
09-269806 MEEKER 211 Parker County
09-270182 WHATLEY UNIT Wise County
09-270727 BAILEY RANCH UNIT II Parker County
09-270796 BUSEY-GAST UNIT Wise County
09-270799 DEERFIELD RANCH Parker County
09-271878 WREN UNIT Wise County
09-271879 WREN UNIT Wise County
09-272706 ALLGOOD UNIT Wise County
09-272707 ALLGOOD UNIT Wise County
09-272708 ALLGOOD UNIT Wise County
09-272870 OXER UNIT Parker County
09-272872 OXER UNIT Parker County
09-276020 OXER UNIT Parker County
09-276121 OXER UNIT Parker County
09-278527 FORTENBERRY UNIT Wise County
09-278718 PETTY Wise County
09-281410 GRIBBLE UNIT A Cooke County
09-281412 RUTHERFORD, BENNIE D. Wise County
09-281413 RUTHERFORD, BENNIE D. Wise County
09-281546 SEAY Montague County
09-28986 SMITH, LESTER Jack County
09-30473 AUDUBON Wise County
09-30735 MCMASTER Wise County
09-30803 WHITESIDE Cooke County
09-31018 BARNETT, PATRICIA Wise County
09-31149 SEAY Montague County
09-31255 CAVENER Montague County
09-31704 CHAPMAN Montague County
09-32412 SKIDMORE A UNIT Montague County
09-32500 MCDONALD PROSPECT UNIT Montague County
09-33037 HOLDEN Cooke County
09-33147 PRUETT Wise County
09-33178 WOODS Wise County
09-33236 GRIBBLE UNIT B Cooke County
09-33251 GRIBBLE UNIT D Cooke County
09-33296 SKINNER Wise County

Drilling Permits Filed by Aruba Petroleum, Inc.