Card Operating Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Card Operating Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Card Operating Company, Inc.
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 130998
TYLER, TX 75713

Leases Operated by Card Operating Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-02381 CLEM, O.E. Van Zandt County
06-04054 KEEGAN GIBSON UNIT Smith County
06-04482 FAIR Smith County
06-04950 DAILEY, R. S. & H. H., -B- Houston County
06-05067 GARY, EMMETT Rusk County
06-05397 ZUBER, P. GOODWIN Wood County
06-099467 BOLDING, H. O. GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-100000 MOLHOUSEN, GEORGE F. GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-10395 VANNOY, J.R. Anderson County
06-10523 HENRY, THELMA Anderson County
06-10763 PONDER-GIBSON UNIT 1 Smith County
06-108237 MOORE, MARJORIE M. Nacogdoches County
06-10876 ORR "A" Marion County
06-11010 MOORE, MARJORIE M. Nacogdoches County
06-11673 BROYLES AND WOLVERTON Anderson County
06-117330 DAILEY "A" Houston County
06-11790 LONG, E. I. Rusk County
06-118212 DAILEY "A" Houston County
06-123464 MCKINNEY, C.L. Anderson County
06-12538 KNAUTH Rusk County
06-127604 DIXON "A" Cherokee County
06-13010 MILLSAP, DON M. Smith County
06-13292 HUDDLESTON Anderson County
06-143687 HUDDLESTON Anderson County
6E-06291 HALE, J. N. -A- Rusk County
6E-06292 HALE, MRS. J. B. Rusk County
6E-06293 HALE-GRAY Rusk County
6E-06297 PINKSTON, E. L. Rusk County
6E-06298 RUTLEDGE-MCKINNEY Rusk County
6E-06300 STRICKLAND "A" Rusk County
6E-07313 CARY-THOMPSON Rusk County
6E-07318 STRICKLAND -C- Rusk County
6E-07319 STRICKLAND -B- Rusk County
6E-07320 TILL, L. A. Rusk County
6E-07896 EDWARDS, LYMAN R. Rusk County
6E-07901 HARRIS, J. W. Rusk County
6E-07907 SIMMONS, JERRY Rusk County
6E-08390 MOORE, W. P., EST. Rusk County
6E-08501 THOMPSON HRS. Rusk County
6E-08572 MOORE, GARVIN Rusk County

Drilling Permits Filed by Card Operating Company, Inc.