Chaparral Natural Resources,Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Chaparral Natural Resources,Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Chaparral Natural Resources,Inc.
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Company Name:

BLDG B 100
AUSTIN, TX 78746

Leases Operated by Chaparral Natural Resources,Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-067534 SCHOOLFIELD Edwards County
01-06958 DAVIS, RUTH DAKIN Frio County
01-106431 BOX, RICHARD A. Williamson County
01-12461 TSCHIRHART, L. Frio County
01-14703 RHEINLANDER Caldwell County
01-14786 TALLY UNIT Caldwell County
01-14937 WHITE, R. E. Guadalupe County
01-14938 LANGLEY-ALLBRIGHT Caldwell County
01-15021 DINSMOOR Atascosa County
01-15160 RHEINLANDER, F. T. Caldwell County
01-18033 MAREK Atascosa County
01-271968 DILLON, B W Dimmit County
02-08779 DUGAT UNIT Lavaca County
02-190713 SARTWELLE Lavaca County
02-196845 THIGPEN Lavaca County
02-197259 FOWKLES UNIT Lavaca County
02-204467 PEIRCE UNIT Lavaca County
02-207763 PEIRCE UNIT Lavaca County
02-213342 SARTWELLE Lavaca County
03-190563 RAUN Wharton County
03-204228 RAUN Wharton County
08-31180 CUMMINS -E- Ector County
09-064784 EVANS, J. E. Denton County
09-064785 TRIETSCH, HENRY Denton County
09-068400 LANEY, G. Denton County
09-068401 LOCKET-WATSON UNIT Denton County
09-068402 CLIFTON 5 - DENTON COUNTY Denton County
09-068403 NEWTON, A. Denton County
09-068404 TRIETSCH, IDA Denton County
09-068405 TRIETSCH, IDA Denton County
09-068489 RECTOR, S. D. (RUTH) Denton County
09-068490 CHAPMAN UNIT Denton County
09-069314 TURNER, AUBREY Denton County
09-070759 GARRISON-TRIETSCH UNIT Denton County
09-074968 TURNER, AUBREY Denton County
09-077795 SCHERTZ, A & H Denton County
09-084148 TRIETSCH, ELLA Denton County
09-084668 MOLSEN, FRED Denton County
09-085572 LINENSCHMIDT, ACE Denton County
09-17304 CLIFTON 6 (A)-DENTON COUNTY Denton County
09-17428 EVANS, J. E. Denton County
09-18255 CLIFTON 6 (B)-DENTON COUNTY Denton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Chaparral Natural Resources,Inc.