Crown Central Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Crown Central Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06759 ANNIE-LLACA-BEAVER UNIT Gonzales County
01-07758 LANIK, JOHN N.
01-07793 LLACA, ANNIE Gonzales County
01-094238 KLEIMANN Gonzales County
02-00010 BOLLING, J. W., ETAL Jackson County
02-000585 STATE TRACT #259 GU #4 Jackson County
02-034750 APPLING, F. E. -B- Jackson County
02-034781 APPLING, F. E. -B- Jackson County
02-034938 APPLING, F. E. UNIT #5 Jackson County
02-035571 APPLING, F.E. Jackson County
02-03629 STATE TRACT 259 Jackson County
02-037236 APPLING-STOVALL -B- Jackson County
02-03745 STATE TRACT 260 Jackson County
02-03835 APPLING, F.E. "B" Jackson County
02-038577 APPLING-STOVALL -B- Jackson County
02-039352 SNYDER UNIT Jackson County
02-040299 APPLING, F. E., -B- Jackson County
02-04106 APPLING, F. E., -B- Jackson County
02-04165 APPLING, F. E., -B- Jackson County
02-041829 EILERS, M. Victoria County
02-041928 PETTEY, J. F. Victoria County
02-043711 STATE TRACT 225 Calhoun County
03-058531 WILLAERT & DURANT Galveston County
03-061417 HARRIS, GLEN UNIT Galveston County
03-068660 BAIRD, M. C. UNIT Brazoria County
03-069786 RUEGE, EMMA UNIT Galveston County
03-07621 GUITERMAN-QUINN UNIT Jefferson County
03-08107 MARKS, H. W. Houston County
03-081959 STATE TRACT 525-L SE/4 Matagorda Island Large Block Offshore
03-085417 BAIRD, M.C. UNIT Brazoria County
03-087920 GRIMES, CARL ET AL Colorado County
03-08966 MASKE, ET AL Jefferson County
03-091630 BAIRD, M. C. UNIT Brazoria County
05-00282 HINES, LURLINE Navarro County
05-00283 KERR, C. E.
05-00305 WALTON, C. C.
05-01391 BURKE, AFTON Navarro County
05-01694 CAVENDER -A- Navarro County
05-056559 SHANKS, J. L. Freestone County
05-102417 CHAPMAN Navarro County
06-032278 SHUPAK, JOE R. Houston County
06-04035 BONHAM-LATHAM Wood County
06-04036 BONHAM & LATHAM Wood County
06-05237 DIAL, J. F. Wood County
06-100233 ANTHONY, J. E. Marion County
08-04832 CONNELL -A- Ector County
08-097077 CENTURION Pecos County
08-13506 SUGGETT Andrews County
09-029206 HILTON, BERTHA WYNONA, ET AL Wise County
09-029207 MYERS, ROY Wise County
09-032318 KRELL, EMMA GAS UNIT Wise County
09-038087 NORTH Wise County
10-022525 FOWLSTON Ochiltree County
10-02726 BOESE Ochiltree County
10-028319 BRUNSTETTER Hansford County
10-028422 DANIELS, S. P. Ochiltree County
10-03393 DODSON Ochiltree County
10-03929 BRUNSTETTER Ochiltree County
7B-02712 BROWN, LILLEY PRATT, ETAL Jones County
7B-05435 HERREN, R. W. Haskell County
7B-05698 BROWN, F. D., -C- Haskell County
7B-06991 COMPERE, NANNIE Haskell County
7B-07153 BATCHELOR, S. P. Haskell County
7B-08332 GRAHAM, J. V. Taylor County
7B-08359 HERREN, S. E.
7B-08506 WINSTON, JOE Stephens County
7B-11074 CROUCH, W. P., -B- Haskell County
7B-11078 CROUCH, W. P. -D- Haskell County
7B-12416 REDWINE E. Haskell County
7B-12417 ADAMS A. D. Haskell County
7B-12418 MEYNER C.L. A Haskell County
7B-12422 GRAY T.L. Haskell County
7B-12423 CROUCH W.P. B Haskell County
7B-13696 MEYNER C.L. Haskell County
7C-02634 REED, M.G. Taylor County
7C-03498 THOMERSON, A. B. Schleicher County
7C-04543 HENDERSON, R. L. Schleicher County
7C-052610 THOMERSON, A. B. -B- Schleicher County
7C-07458 TERRY "143" Sterling County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crown Central Petroleum Corp.