Culver & Cain Production LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Culver & Cain Production LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Culver & Cain Production LLC
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PO BOX 8085
TYLER, TX 75711


Leases Operated by Culver & Cain Production LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-015692 COSSON GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-02646 RICHARDSON UNIT NO. 2 Limestone County
05-02669 HENDERSON, R. G. UNIT Limestone County
05-02670 MCGILVRAY UNIT Limestone County
05-02776 BILLINGS UNIT Limestone County
05-02781 BRONAUGH UNIT Limestone County
05-02783 HENDRIX UNIT Limestone County
05-02810 BRONAUGH UNIT "A" Limestone County
05-02985 BILLINGS UNIT Limestone County
05-169950 MILLS Freestone County
05-193462 COSSON Freestone County
05-195020 COSSON Freestone County
05-195671 COSSON Freestone County
05-196763 COSSON Freestone County
05-202069 COSSON Freestone County
05-272073 JACKSON Navarro County
06-00702 SOUTH, C. S. Cherokee County
06-00747 CURTIS, H. F. Cherokee County
06-01569 BLACK, NETTIE MILLER Smith County
06-015752 FENLEY Angelina County
06-015754 MODISETT Angelina County
06-015755 WILSON Angelina County
06-04172 CAVIN FEE Panola County
06-04179 CAVIN FEE Panola County
06-04372 SAWMILL, LOUIS WERNER Panola County
06-05890 CROW RODESSA UPPER UNIT Wood County
06-05911 HOLMES, BARNEY Wood County
06-082866 PERRONE Houston County
06-085132 PERRONE Houston County
06-085511 GILMORE Houston County
06-086103 PERRONE Houston County
06-102204 CAUBLE ENTERPRISES FEE Leon County
06-105466 MURRAY, A. E. Houston County
06-108305 WINSTON Nacogdoches County
06-10915 SHAW, R. F. Panola County
06-110387 SESSIONS Cherokee County
06-111123 SHELTON Cherokee County
06-111125 HILL, J. C. Cherokee County
06-11329 BROWN, J. HEIRS Smith County
06-113777 CITIZENS 1ST NATIONAL BANK, TR. Cherokee County
06-11520 CITIZENS 1ST NATIONAL BANK TR. Cherokee County
06-122690 STONE Nacogdoches County
06-12324 RANDALL Smith County
06-12570 MCCRARY Wood County
06-12834 CEDAR BRANCH UNIT Houston County
06-12901 CURTIS, H. F. "A" Cherokee County
06-129259 SMITH, BILLY G. Cherokee County
06-13394 WARMINSTER Cherokee County
06-13432 BELL, CASSIE HEIRS Houston County
06-13699 ALLEN Cherokee County
06-13890 POWELL, K. Smith County
06-139130 LOGGINS, BOB Smith County
06-139328 KIRKLAND Angelina County
06-13979 CASCADE Houston County
06-14110 PALUXY "B" SAND UNIT Smith County
06-14628 DAVENPORT, D. L. ET AL Smith County
06-14728 MARY LOU MANSON Smith County
06-14749 KOSMETATOS Houston County
06-15047 MANSON, MARY LOU Smith County
06-15128 CROW UPPER RODESSA UNIT Wood County
06-15322 CURTIS, H. F. Cherokee County
06-15435 BASS Cherokee County
06-158584 BASS Cherokee County
06-170600 CURTIS, H. F. Cherokee County
06-219675 FENLEY Angelina County
06-219719 CAMERON MINERAL TRUST Angelina County
06-227100 SESSIONS, HEIRS Angelina County
06-232024 SESSIONS HEIRS Angelina County
06-234079 SESSIONS, J.W. HEIRS Angelina County
06-239076 MORBY & WALSH GAS UNIT 1 Cherokee County
06-244089 BASS Cherokee County
06-245173 MORBY & WALSH GAS UNIT 1 Cherokee County
06-263095 BRYANT Cherokee County

Drilling Permits Filed by Culver & Cain Production LLC