Delta Exploration Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Delta Exploration Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Delta Exploration Company, Inc.
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370 17TH STREET SUITE 4300
DENVER, CO 80202

Leases Operated by Delta Exploration Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14440 PEELER Atascosa County
01-14511 MORRILL McMullen County
01-14538 MORRILL McMullen County
01-14557 JAMBERS McMullen County
01-14558 PEELER Atascosa County
01-14573 PEELER Atascosa County
01-14639 DICKE Atascosa County
01-14647 DICKIE, F. H. Atascosa County
02-217745 HACKNEY, BESSIE Karnes County
03-02676 MITCHELL, JOSEPH, ESTATE Liberty County
03-02707 MITCHELL, LEON Liberty County
03-02724 PICKETT, E. W., FEE -A- O/A Liberty County
03-047882 CHAMPION PAPER COMPANY Newton County
03-06464 GLADYS CITY Jefferson County
03-09780 ARC-CALL & JONES Newton County
03-10826 ADAMS, C. T. OIL UNIT #2 Houston County
03-152680 HOWARD NO. 1 GU Brazoria County
03-154623 HOWARD NO. 2 GU Brazoria County
03-173119 WILLIAMSON-RETRIEVE UNIT NO. 1 Brazoria County
03-176024 WILLIAMSON Brazoria County
03-187135 MUNSON UNIT Brazoria County
03-188377 MUNSON UNIT Brazoria County
03-191537 VASTAR Newton County
03-192038 MITCHELL, JOSEPH Liberty County
03-193463 WILLIAMSON, ET AL Brazoria County
03-20359 WILCOX, G.C. Chambers County
03-21093 MCCOY, KIRBY "A" Liberty County
03-213140 WILLIAMSON Brazoria County
03-224124 WILLIAMSON Brazoria County
03-230207 BP AMERICA DELTA Polk County
03-233191 DICKENS A-214 Polk County
03-233864 GEMINI Newton County
03-234100 PRISON FARMS Brazoria County
03-234640 WOODS A-82 Polk County
03-23505 BURNS Newton County
03-23734 VASTAR Newton County
03-242366 BAXTER A-141 Polk County
03-24266 NEWTON Newton County
03-24267 NEWTON "B" Newton County
03-24298 CHAMPION RAY Newton County
03-24470 CHAMPION Newton County
03-24490 WHITTEN UNIT Newton County
03-246890 CARTER NORTH A-144 Polk County
03-24701 NEWTON C Newton County
03-24731 PURE RESOURCES "A" Newton County
03-24846 HEARTWOOD Newton County
03-24868 SMITH, MORGAN Newton County
03-24901 NEWTON UNIT 'B' Newton County
03-24909 DELTA OLD SALEM UNIT Newton County
03-24918 PURE RESOURCES Newton County
03-24947 AEOLUS Newton County
03-24974 NEWTON "D" Newton County
03-25008 QUINN Newton County
03-25086 GRAY, JAMES Newton County
03-25182 MCBRIDE Newton County
03-252150 GRAY, JAMES Newton County
03-25284 AEOLUS Newton County
03-25352 AEOLUS Newton County
04-107472 BAFFIN BAY STATE TRACT 65 Kenedy County
04-137097 BAXTER GIBSON SIEN Aransas County
05-02048 HENDRICKS, JESSE E. Kaufman County
05-02393 HENDRICKS, JESSE E. "B" Kaufman County
06-13779 FLEMING Panola County
06-171375 HARRIS Panola County
06-172005 HARRIS Panola County
06-175566 MCCRORY, P.C. GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-177222 WIENER Panola County
06-178652 BRANNON Panola County
06-179554 WEST PIRTLE GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-221310 CARROLL, A.E. Panola County
06-221311 CARROLL, A.E. Panola County
09-070446 LEWIS, H. H. Jack County
09-27318 MONTFORD, J. G. Wise County
10-06338 FRYE Wheeler County
7B-01841 YOUNG, JULIA BRYAN Fisher County
7B-01851 PARDUE, A. E. ACT. #1 Fisher County
7B-15178 PARDUE (CANYON SAND) UNIT Fisher County

Drilling Permits Filed by Delta Exploration Company, Inc.