Diamond Chemicals Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Diamond Chemicals Company
Map of Wells Operated by Diamond Chemicals Company
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BOX 631

Leases Operated by Diamond Chemicals Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000314 FITZSIMONS Dimmit County
01-00072 W. P. JONES
01-00074 G. E. TATE
01-00076 THOMPSON "A"
01-037611 GRIFFIN, HELEN LOUISE, ET AL Zavala County
10-01901 ELLEDGE, W. A. Ochiltree County
10-01932 BUTLER, FRED Ochiltree County
10-02041 MCCRACKEN Gray County
10-02094 BUTLER, PHILO W. Hansford County
10-02121 KELLN, C. H., ETUX Ochiltree County
10-02162 E. DEAN BETTY Hansford County
10-02168 ROGERS, O. C. Ochiltree County
10-02177 THOMPSON, JULIAN C. Ochiltree County
10-021780 FRAZIER, A. H. Hansford County
10-022435 MORRISON, MARY T. ET AL Ochiltree County
10-022444 MORRISON, MARY T. ET AL Ochiltree County
10-022472 DICKINSON, CHARLES P. Ochiltree County
10-022475 DICKINSON, CHARLES P. ET AL Ochiltree County
10-022478 HOOVER, ED, JR. Ochiltree County
10-022496 MATHERS, G. B. Hemphill County
10-022500 FLOWERS, CLEM G. Ochiltree County
10-02514 BRILLHART, S. L. Ochiltree County
10-02515 SHAMBLIN, KATIE Ochiltree County
10-02535 WIEBE, HERMAN A. Ochiltree County
10-025485 ALLEN Moore County
10-025492 BARNHILL Hutchinson County
10-025500 BROWN Moore County
10-025509 BRUMLEY Moore County
10-025536 GARLAND-MCKEE Moore County
10-028128 MCMURRAY Moore County
10-028152 PRICE Sherman County
10-02818 PETERSON, CLARENCE O. ET AL "A" Ochiltree County
10-028183 WISEMAN, MARY Sherman County
10-02825 TAYLOR, LINUS, ETAL Ochiltree County
10-02830 MCMILLEN, W. E. Ochiltree County
10-028355 SHEDECK Hansford County
10-02841 S.L. BRILLHART "A" Ochiltree County
10-03156 PARKER, PEARL Lipscomb County
10-03170 OLIVER N. WATERS Lipscomb County
10-03176 PARKER, PEARL "A" Lipscomb County
10-032020 PARSELL, WARREN B. ETAL -E- Roberts County
10-03213 SPARKS, ELMER E., -A- Hemphill County
10-032224 URBAN, ROBERT H. -A- Ochiltree County
10-032231 CITIZENS NATL. BANK TRUSTEE Lipscomb County
10-032294 WAMBLE, R. E. ESTATE -A- Ochiltree County
10-03247 WEIDNER, ROBERT F., ET AL Lipscomb County
10-03505 MILLEDGE, ANDREW ET AL -A- Ochiltree County
10-03528 ALLEN, DEWEY R. "B" Ochiltree County
10-03563 KEMP, J. F. Lipscomb County
10-03581 MORRISON, MARY T, ETAL -M- Roberts County
10-03594 PARSELL, WARREN B. ET AL "H" Roberts County
10-03621 DUKE, C. C. "D" Lipscomb County
10-036313 WATERS, JOHN P. UNIT Lipscomb County
10-03667 CONDON Ochiltree County
10-04200 MURRAY, VERA M. Hemphill County
10-04203 WEIS, RAYMOND F. ETAL Lipscomb County
10-042545 ROYALTY POOLING CO., ETAL Hemphill County
10-042547 MATHERS, G. B. Hemphill County
10-04259 WEBB, ARTHUR ET AL -T- Hemphill County
10-042613 DUKE, C. C., -A- Lipscomb County
10-04269 E.S.F. BRAINARD "H" Hemphill County
10-042694 PARSELL, WARREN B., ET AL -J- Roberts County
10-04295 FILLINGIM, E. G. ETAL -A- Hemphill County
10-048663 NIX, DALE -K- Hemphill County
10-05027 CRUSEMAN-BOGAN Hemphill County
10-050837 WRIGHT, CHARLES H. Hemphill County
10-052717 WEBB, LESLIE ETAL Hemphill County
10-053506 GEX, LUTIE W. Lipscomb County
10-053643 LUTIE, GEX W. Lipscomb County
10-054151 FRASS Hemphill County
10-054152 BROWN, J. T. -B- Hemphill County
10-070997 HANSAN, CARL Lipscomb County
10-071568 FILLINGIM, E. G. ET AL -A- Hemphill County
10-073955 HILDENBRAND Hemphill County
10-075036 DANIEL, J. W. Ochiltree County
10-076120 DANIEL, J.W. Ochiltree County
10-076337 WEBB , ARTHUR -A- Hemphill County
10-076338 TREGELLAS, W.T. -A- Lipscomb County
10-083750 WEBB, ARTHUR -T- Hemphill County
10-088795 JERGENSON, GOTTFRED ET AL Lipscomb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Diamond Chemicals Company