Diamond Chemicals Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Diamond Chemicals Company
Map of Wells Operated by Diamond Chemicals Company
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BOX 631

Leases Operated by Diamond Chemicals Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-01155 KAY-REED
10-01156 KAY-REED "A"
10-01157 LASATER
10-01159 LOGAN -A- Hutchinson County
10-01167 PARKS "A"
10-01169 PARKS, MAE ETAL
10-01354 BRUMLEY Moore County
10-01667 SUTTON, W. W. Hansford County
10-01732 BIRDWELL, GUS O. Hansford County
10-022005 HERNDON, EDNA J. ET AL -C- Ochiltree County
10-022102 ODC Ochiltree County
10-022142 OLAUGHLIN, CHARLES C., JR. Hansford County
10-022144 STEELE, EDITH B., -C- Hansford County
10-022146 STEELE, J. I., ET UX -F- Hansford County
10-022265 MCBRYDE, DAVID P. ET UX -A- Dallam County
10-022414 NABERS, HELEN D. -B- Ochiltree County
10-022417 ELLIS, CARL -E- Ochiltree County
10-022420 LINN, ROY Ochiltree County
10-022664 BUTLER, FRED Ochiltree County
10-022670 WIEBE, HERMAN A. Ochiltree County
10-022686 SUTTON, W. W. Hansford County
10-022749 DICKINSON, CHARLES P. Ochiltree County
10-022752 SWINK, NORMAN Ochiltree County
10-02339 HERNDON, EDNA J., ET AL -C- Ochiltree County
10-02360 STEELE, J. I., -B- Hansford County
10-02403 TARBOX, GLENN E. Ochiltree County
10-025598 ROBERTSON Moore County
10-025603 ROBERTSON Moore County
10-025604 ROBERTSON Moore County
10-025613 RYAN Hutchinson County
10-025645 WILSON Moore County
10-025650 ZWACK-BARNSDALL Moore County
10-02585 FLOWERS, BRYANT, ETAL Hansford County
10-02612 BETTY, G. C., -A- Ochiltree County
10-02884 FLOWERS, CALVIN Ochiltree County
10-02890 RENDLEMAN Ochiltree County
10-02894 NELSON, WILLARD W. Ochiltree County
10-02895 WILSON, JAMES ELRICK Ochiltree County
10-02945 NUNLEY Moore County
10-02967 GUIPEL, FLORENCE, ET AL Lipscomb County
10-03004 TYSON, R. B. "B" Lipscomb County
10-03005 NUNLEY, T. J. ET AL "A"
10-030452 BLAKE, T. R., TRUST ESTATE Sherman County
10-03301 BARTON, J. A., E Lipscomb County
10-033029 PARSELL, WARREN B. -J- ET AL Roberts County
10-03312 LINN, ROY Ochiltree County
10-03318 JONES, ORTHA E. Ochiltree County
10-03329 KING, JACK R. Lipscomb County
10-033391 HILL, GILBERT Lipscomb County
10-03346 AKERS, I. A. "A" Lipscomb County
10-033882 PARSELL, WARREN B. ET AL -H- Roberts County
10-033883 PARSELL, WARREN B. ET AL -H- Roberts County
10-038058 MORRISON, MARY T., -K- Roberts County
10-03820 CITIZEN NATIONAL BANK, TR. -A- Lipscomb County
10-03824 E.S.F. BRAINARD "O" Hemphill County
10-038303 LITTLE, DR. J. A. Lipscomb County
10-038523 MORRISON, MARY T. ET AL -L- Roberts County
10-038575 MORRISON, MARY T. ET AL -M- Roberts County
10-03862 ELLIS,DREW ET AL TRUSTEE Ochiltree County
10-03974 PRICE, WILLIS D. ET AL -A- Lipscomb County
10-04013 LILLIBRIDGE -A- Ochiltree County
10-04510 FLOWERS, VERNON M. ESTATE Roberts County
10-04515 CHAMBERS, FRANK M. "B" Roberts County
10-045653 PARSELL, WARREN B. ETAL -I- Roberts County
10-04581 FLOWERS, VERNON M. Roberts County
10-045929 FRASS Hemphill County
10-045931 DUKE, C. C. -D- Lipscomb County
10-045999 WATERFIELD ETAL -A- Roberts County
10-04605 GEX, LUTIE W. Lipscomb County
10-046181 FRASS Hemphill County
10-052717 WEBB, LESLIE ETAL Hemphill County
10-053506 GEX, LUTIE W. Lipscomb County
10-070153 HERNDON, EDNA J. Ochiltree County
10-070911 HERNDON, EDNA J. -C- Ochiltree County
10-070997 HANSAN, CARL Lipscomb County
10-071568 FILLINGIM, E. G. ET AL -A- Hemphill County
10-073955 HILDENBRAND Hemphill County
10-075036 DANIEL, J. W. Ochiltree County
10-076120 DANIEL, J.W. Ochiltree County
10-076337 WEBB , ARTHUR -A- Hemphill County

Drilling Permits Filed by Diamond Chemicals Company