Dirnett, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dirnett, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Dirnett, Inc.
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TULETA, TX 78162


Leases Operated by Dirnett, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000227 POLLOK GAS UNIT NO. 1 Atascosa County
01-07736 MADISON, H. Bastrop County
01-08205 MCDONALD, MARTIN I Bastrop County
01-10552 WILLIAMS, S. Bastrop County
01-10717 DESHAY Bastrop County
01-12909 THOMS -A- Wilson County
01-13308 WIATREK Wilson County
01-13606 WILLIAMS, SOPHIA Bastrop County
01-13717 COLLINS/MCDONALD Bastrop County
01-13726 MCDONALD, MARTIN Bastrop County
01-13727 MCDONALD/COLEMAN Bastrop County
01-13750 JIMMY-FRANK UNIT Wilson County
01-13812 JUDY Wilson County
01-13846 MUIR, JOHN UNIT Wilson County
01-13873 REINHARD UNIT Wilson County
01-14026 SARAH E. FERRY UNIT "11" Atascosa County
01-14067 L. S. U. BURGER Atascosa County
01-14068 L. S. U. LEAL Atascosa County
01-14090 LONESTAR UNIT Atascosa County
01-161123 ESCHENBURG-POLLOK Atascosa County
01-183859 SHOOK Dimmit County
01-19191 CPK UNIT Gonzales County
01-243119 FRANKLIN, MURRAY ESTATE McMullen County
01-262718 PAN AM. M. FRANKLIN McMullen County
02-01745 DUBOSE, R. R. Bee County
02-01749 YOWARD, H. E. Bee County
02-04647 CURLEE, D. M. -A- Bee County
02-04648 CURLEE, D. M. -A- Bee County
02-04685 CURLEE, D. M. Bee County
02-058001 VERODA-SUGAREK UNIT Bee County
02-07163 DIRKS, DONALD F. UNIT Bee County
02-08202 EVANS, M. D. Bee County
02-08249 EVANS, J. E. Bee County
02-084416 WTU GINGERICH Bee County
02-117177 ROBERTS, MORRIS ET AL Bee County
02-117179 ROBERTS, MORRIS ET AL Bee County
02-176686 DUGAS, P. Goliad County
02-189309 CLIP WEBER GAS UNIT Goliad County
02-189736 RAPP Bee County
02-195678 FUNK Goliad County
02-197343 GEO-GOLIAD Goliad County
02-213240 RAPP Bee County
02-220036 STEWART Goliad County
02-221808 FUNK Goliad County
02-225113 FUNK Goliad County
02-230605 FUNK Goliad County
02-236293 LOEST Goliad County
02-240718 LOEST Goliad County
02-240719 LOEST Goliad County
02-255700 EBERSTADT Bee County
04-113893 LANE, R. J. San Patricio County
04-125690 STATE-MARSHALL Brooks County
04-12589 MCGLOIN San Patricio County
04-12928 STATE MARSHALL Brooks County
04-133959 STATE-MARSHALL Brooks County
04-148775 GARZA Starr County
04-159847 MCGLOIN San Patricio County
04-163622 FERNANDEZ, N. Zapata County
04-164016 GUTIERREZ, MOBIL H. Zapata County
04-165065 FERNANDEZ, N. Zapata County
04-233342 MCKAMEY San Patricio County
04-237878 MCGILL BROS. Brooks County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dirnett, Inc.