Ellis Exploration, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ellis Exploration, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Ellis Exploration, Inc.
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3800 PALUXY DR STE 132
TYLER, TX 75703


Leases Operated by Ellis Exploration, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-10161 COLEMAN, DEWITT Leon County
03-10162 COLEMAN, DEWITT -B- Leon County
03-10167 ANDREWS, E. B., JR. UNIT A-1 Leon County
05-015566 BURNETT, A. R. Henderson County
05-01834 FIRST STATE BANK OF BROWNSBORO Henderson County
05-03503 COX, M. A. Henderson County
05-03529 POOL, G. C. Henderson County
05-03674 PAYNE Henderson County
05-03697 HOGUE, HARRY Henderson County
05-03710 HAYNES Henderson County
05-041357 WOOD, C. B. Henderson County
05-060224 HOGUE,HARRY Henderson County
05-081327 COX, M.A. Henderson County
05-087339 COX, M.A. Henderson County
05-092937 RAMSEY, JESSE UNIT Henderson County
05-142251 POOL, G. C. Henderson County
05-186462 LINDER Henderson County
05-188787 LINDER Henderson County
05-188985 LINDER Henderson County
06-01393 QUITMAN, IND. SCHOOL Wood County
06-016379 HALE, FRED M. UNIT Rusk County
06-01798 JACKSON, R. M. Anderson County
06-01799 HODGES, M. S. JACKSON, ETAL Anderson County
06-081385 HAYTER ESTATE Rusk County
06-093164 TEMPLE Rusk County
06-094017 TEMPLE GAS UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-095677 JACKSON, MARGUERITTE Rusk County
06-103247 BRALY, S. M. Cherokee County
06-10494 KINSEY-JW Smith County
06-11143 HARRIS Smith County
06-11295 OLIVER, GEORGE Smith County
06-113289 JONES Smith County
06-11373 WARREN, C. Smith County
06-11464 WARREN, JAS. Smith County
06-11486 LIGHTFOOT Smith County
06-11646 PHILIPS-BONNVILLE Smith County
06-11671 BROWNING "A" Smith County
06-11960 BARRON, VERNON Cherokee County
06-12174 WARREN, CICERO Smith County
06-12438 GEE Smith County
06-12512 ARCO-LINCOLN Smith County
06-12578 PALMER Smith County
06-126190 JACKSON, M. Rusk County
06-131558 ARCO-LINCOLN Smith County
06-14301 WARREN, C. Smith County
06-14319 JACKSON, D. W. Smith County
06-14358 WARREN, JAMES Smith County
06-14359 CALDWELL ET AL Smith County
06-14360 JACKSON Smith County
06-148125 LINCOLN, A.C. HEIRS "B" Smith County
06-15648 JONES Smith County
06-161250 JACKSON, K. L. Nacogdoches County
06-163442 JONES Smith County
06-192879 MCCARLEY Rusk County
06-233518 SIMMONS Henderson County
06-239162 SIMMONS Henderson County
06-275981 ANDERSON, LEWIS Rusk County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ellis Exploration, Inc.