Enre Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Enre Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Enre Corp.
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BOX 6027

Leases Operated by Enre Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-043742 LIGHT, GEORGE III La Salle County
09-118828 KRAMER Montague County
09-120982 CONSTANDINE Clay County
09-122876 DAVIS, JAMES Wise County
09-126988 TALLY, ONETA Denton County
09-127096 MCRAE-DUESSEN Denton County
09-127097 MCRAE Denton County
09-127354 MERRITT, W. A. Denton County
09-160572 STRICKLAND Denton County
09-160627 DUNN, CLARA UNIT Denton County
09-160629 MERRITT, W. A. Denton County
09-160646 MERRITT, W. A. Denton County
09-160651 MERRITT, MARCIA Denton County
09-164916 POTTER "A" Wise County
09-166542 MERRELL "A" Denton County
09-166694 MERRELL GAS UNIT Denton County
09-167493 POTTER "A" Wise County
09-167494 POTTER "A" Wise County
09-167806 POTTER, H. M. GAS UNIT Wise County
09-178033 CLAY HILL CATTLE CO. "A" Wise County
09-21735 DOCKTOR Young County
09-22073 ORD, NAN D. Young County
09-22344 WOODWARD FARMS, INC. Young County
09-22698 ORD, NAN D. Young County
09-23753 KEMP, E.B. Montague County
09-23960 KEMP, J.E. Montague County
09-23987 CONSTANDINE Clay County
09-24325 PARGAS Clay County
7B-064080 GLENN MELVIN Stephens County
7B-066192 MITCHAM, G. P. Callahan County
7B-066962 MITCHAM G.P. -B- Eastland County
7B-06729 HICKS 97 Callahan County
7B-067568 MITCHAM G. P. Eastland County
7B-069491 SHRADER J. H. Callahan County
7B-069718 THOMAS Eastland County
7B-069809 SNYDER MINERAL TRUST -C- Callahan County
7B-090271 LILLIE BELLE THOMPSON Stephens County
7B-094439 BROWN, C.V. Eastland County
7B-094756 GARNER Eastland County
7B-097132 LILLIE BELLE THOMPSON Stephens County
7B-097133 LILLIE BELLE THOMPSON Stephens County
7B-097134 LILLIE BELLE THOMPSON "A" Stephens County
7B-099933 SMITH, WESLEY Eastland County
7B-100255 GILBRETH Callahan County
7B-121074 WATTS, BEULAH Callahan County
7B-122538 CARR,J.C. 499 Eastland County
7B-122720 HAWKINS Eastland County
7B-125230 BENNETT Callahan County
7B-12568 HUNTER, CAROL Stephens County
7B-12569 RASSMUSSEN Stephens County
7B-126044 PIPPEN,C.C. Eastland County
7B-13777 MITCHAM C Eastland County
7B-13779 MANNING TRAVIS Eastland County
7B-13834 TROWER BONNIE Stephens County
7B-13835 TROWER Stephens County
7B-13868 YEAGER Eastland County
7B-138691 CLINTON, JANE Callahan County
7B-138692 CLINTON, JANE Callahan County
7B-14811 ADAMS ROY Eastland County
7B-14999 GILLIT Callahan County
7B-15022 LOCKWOOD ET AL Eastland County
7B-15027 PENN Eastland County
7B-15130 COOPER "A" Eastland County
7B-15142 HUTCHISON "13" Callahan County
7B-15161 THOMPSON LILLIE BELL Stephens County
7B-18609 CLINTON, BRYAN Callahan County
7B-19112 PIPPEN, ROY Eastland County
7B-19199 GLOVER Comanche County
7B-19224 MITCHAM "G" Eastland County
7B-19271 MITCHAM ESTATE H Eastland County
7B-19542 SNYDER MINERAL TRUST 139 Callahan County
7B-19702 BELL-MCFARLANE Callahan County
7B-19970 SNYDER MINERAL TRUST 143 Callahan County
7B-23741 LASITER, M.I. Stephens County
7B-23803 DAWSON SWD Eastland County
7B-24250 THOMPSON, LILLIE BELLE Stephens County
7B-24722 JACKSON 95 Shackelford County
7B-25058 BATTLE, E. R. 'A' Callahan County
7B-25164 BATTLE Callahan County
7B-25999 MITCHAM, G. P. Callahan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Enre Corp.