Environmental Disposal Systems Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Environmental Disposal Systems
Map of Wells Operated by Environmental Disposal Systems
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Leases Operated by Environmental Disposal Systems

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-21618 YATER SWD Martin County
08-24352 GREENWOOD SWD Midland County
08-26796 HOLCOMB Martin County
08-27787 ALLRED SWD Howard County
08-30901 COLEMAN, F. Howard County
08-33055 SHORTES, L. O. Martin County
08-33095 FASKEN SWD Midland County
08-35312 ALLAR Howard County
08-35723 MORELAND "30" Midland County
08-36156 DICKENSON SWD Martin County
08-36785 BARROW "26" SWD Midland County
08-38088 HILL SWD Midland County
08-38694 BROWN SWD Martin County
08-39133 TARZAN SWD Martin County
08-39432 THEODORE WELLS SWD Martin County
08-39655 SALT LAKE SWD Midland County
08-40666 FLOWER GROVE SWD Martin County
08-44423 WEST KNOTT SWD Howard County
08-46718 MIDLAND NATIONAL BANK '39' SWD Glasscock County
08-47462 BRYANT RANCH 10 SWD Midland County
08-47516 NORTHWEST MIDLAND SWD Midland County
08-47538 BRYANT RANCH 37 SWD Midland County
08-47557 BRYANT RANCH 44 SWD Midland County
08-49390 MCMORRIES 18 SWD Martin County
08-49512 TEX HARVEY 15 SWD Midland County
08-49625 BRYANT RANCH 23 SWD Midland County
08-49843 WINDOWPANE SWD Midland County
08-50354 MCMORRIES 18 SWD Martin County
08-53849 BIG GULP SWD Midland County
08-53852 7H SWD Martin County
08-53853 HOLCOMB 68 SWD Martin County
08-54810 RIPTIDE 29 SWD Midland County
08-56117 POSEIDON SWD Martin County
08-56302 HUGHES 44 SWD Martin County
08-56740 TOUCAN SWD Martin County
08-57710 GORGON Martin County
08-58329 WTH 7 SWD Midland County
08-58843 HUGHES 44 SWD Martin County
08-58891 NAUTILUS SWD Martin County
08-59641 MIGHTY MO SWD Midland County
08-59666 BRUMLEY 62 SWD Martin County
08-59960 PIRANHA SWD Martin County
7C-06904 SMITH Reagan County
7C-08354 KEELE, F. G. Upton County
7C-08793 STOUT Reagan County
7C-10303 WILDE, H.J. SWD Upton County
7C-11495 HUGHES, CHARLES H. Reagan County
7C-14233 ELKIN 30A Upton County
7C-14267 BINGHAM SWD Reagan County
7C-19282 EGGEMEYER 30 SWD Upton County
7C-19816 ALEXANDER SWD Reagan County
7C-21376 RICKER 39 SWD Reagan County
8A-67168 HOMER Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Environmental Disposal Systems