Ernest Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ernest Operating Company
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Leases Operated by Ernest Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05755 FALKNER-JUERGEN ET UX. Milam County
01-05767 MORGAN-KNIGHT UNIT Milam County
01-05858 BRAND ET AL Milam County
01-07069 SANDERS FARM Milam County
01-11342 PAGE Milam County
01-11882 HERNDON-HENSLEY Milam County
01-11993 COFFIELD-HENSLEY Milam County
01-12237 HERNDON-HENSLEY Milam County
03-09856 PRAESEL, ARTHUR Burleson County
03-11002 HESTER, S. N. Lee County
03-11312 STORK-RICHARDS UNIT Lee County
03-11379 OWENS Lee County
03-11427 GERDES DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. Lee County
03-11433 BROWN, F. D., JR. Lee County
03-11465 STORK-RICHARDS UNIT Lee County
03-11554 HODGE Lee County
03-11561 WILLIARD Burleson County
03-11573 MORGAN, HENRY Lee County
03-11628 BROWN-RUNNELS UNIT Lee County
03-11663 NOACK Lee County
03-11707 RICHARDS, L.C. ET AL Lee County
03-11758 LINA Burleson County
03-11788 KEY Burleson County
03-11790 MORTON, JOHNNY Burleson County
03-12171 FRITZE Burleson County
03-12280 BROWN, F.D. Lee County
03-12416 POOLE, F. M. Burleson County
03-12424 WILLARD & WILLIAMS Burleson County
03-12469 WILLARD, E. R. Burleson County
03-12505 TARWATER Burleson County
03-12522 MALOY-COFFIELD UNIT Lee County
03-12523 PEARSON Burleson County
03-12991 MORTON "A" Burleson County
03-13227 FARMER Burleson County
03-14051 TARWATER Burleson County
03-16042 HOTT UNIT Burleson County
03-16066 AUSLEY Burleson County
03-16127 PERRY Burleson County
03-16515 KOCUREK, KATIE Lee County
03-16531 PAYTON, C.F. Lee County
03-16989 WILLARD, MORTON Burleson County
03-17094 STANLEY "A" Burleson County
03-17132 KRENEK Lee County
03-17349 KUBENA "A" Lee County
03-17526 WILLARD "B" Burleson County
03-18029 SIPTAK Burleson County
03-18367 BALCAR Lee County
03-18598 M. J. Burleson County
03-18842 MORTON "A" Burleson County
03-19186 DUSEK Burleson County
03-19209 WORMLEY Lee County
03-19220 DOUGLAS Burleson County
03-19364 AOM Lee County
03-19592 BAZARSKY Bastrop County
03-19827 ANMAR UNIT Lee County
03-20089 MARMO UNIT Lee County
03-20134 COURTEMANCHE Bastrop County
03-20136 COOK, B.M. Bastrop County
03-20308 MEUTH, E. L. Bastrop County
03-20309 FRIEBE, EUGENE Bastrop County
03-20310 RUSSELL, J. L. Bastrop County
03-20324 VECERA HEIRS Fayette County
03-20333 FRIEBE, ISABEL H. Bastrop County
03-20414 WADE-MORGAN Lee County
03-20593 MAR-SOP UNIT Lee County
03-20808 KEY, GROVER Burleson County
03-20930 LEHMAN Bastrop County
03-20987 CHESTER Lee County
03-21060 MORAND UNIT Lee County
03-21476 RICHARDS, L.C. "A" Lee County
03-22056 DOUG Burleson County
03-22678 MARMIC Lee County
03-23284 ARMSTRONG Burleson County
03-23367 ARM-DU UNIT Burleson County
03-23408 DOUG -A- Burleson County
03-23569 BECVAR Burleson County
03-23614 GERDES DEVELOPMENT CO. Lee County
03-23870 BECVAR-WATSON Burleson County
03-24064 WES Lee County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ernest Operating Company