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Leases Operated by Expando Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-091000 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE McMullen County
02-054033 HEARD, J. F. B. Refugio County
02-067352 VOLKMER Jackson County
02-06988 BAILEY, JO Refugio County
02-071077 EGG-JUNKER UNIT DeWitt County
02-075600 HANSEN UNIT DeWitt County
02-076102 EGG-JUNKER DeWitt County
02-079681 HEARD, J. F. B. Refugio County
02-082161 HELLER UNIT Victoria County
02-086432 EDWARDS UNIT Victoria County
02-090222 HELLER UNIT Victoria County
02-090333 WENDEL UNIT Victoria County
02-092727 EDWARDS UNIT Victoria County
02-098437 WELDER, J.F. Refugio County
02-100280 WELDER, J.F. Refugio County
02-116284 BAILEY Refugio County
02-120177 BAILEY, JO Refugio County
02-121944 VOLKMER Jackson County
02-123552 BAILEY, JOE Refugio County
04-074044 WEIL Duval County
04-084077 POLLARD UNIT Jim Wells County
04-09082 WEIL -B- Duval County
04-091117 POLLARD UNIT Jim Wells County
09-088777 MCCULLOUGH, M. E. Jack County
09-091054 JAMES FARRIS Jack County
09-097042 HOEFLE Jack County
09-16271 WATTS -A- Clay County
09-18163 WINES, F. Clay County
09-18803 NICHOLS, CHARLES S. JR. Cooke County
09-18902 COWLEY Clay County
09-19051 DAGNAN, TONY Grayson County
09-19902 CRENSHAW Clay County
09-19947 LOVELESS Grayson County
09-20227 AMINEX -C- Archer County
09-20304 COWAN, CLAUDE ESTATE Baylor County
09-20342 CRUMP, E. R. Clay County
09-20877 WATSON Clay County
09-21730 STINE Clay County
09-24482 HOEFLE Jack County
09-25290 CHAPMAN "B" Clay County
09-25495 UPTON Clay County
09-26364 HILBERS Clay County

Drilling Permits Filed by Expando Oil Company