Grace, Jack, Prod. Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Grace, Jack, Prod. Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Grace, Jack, Prod. Co.
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Leases Operated by Grace, Jack, Prod. Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-041481 GRACE RANCH, JACK Jack County
09-042697 BLANTON Wise County
09-042703 BLANTON Wise County
09-042704 HUTCHINSON, VIVIAN Montague County
09-04700 MILAM, L. E. Montague County
09-05871 MURPHREE, J. Wichita County
09-06001 MCDONALD, M. J. Wichita County
09-06003 PACE, T. J. -A- Wichita County
09-06004 ROLLER ESTATE Wichita County
09-06005 WICHITA RIVER TRACT #3 Wichita County
09-085704 GRACE, JACK RANCH Jack County
09-09238 SEIGLER, REVIS Clay County
09-09415 WATSON, J. C. Wise County
09-09537 WILLIAMS, CLYDE, ETAL Montague County
09-096075 NANTZ "A" Wise County
09-09684 PACE, T. J. -A- Wichita County
09-09871 O'DONOHOE #2 Archer County
09-09955 NANTZ -A- Wise County
09-09997 DRUMMOND, A. A. Wise County
09-10066 KEITH, ILEEN Wise County
09-102184 MARTIN Wise County
09-111381 KEITH, ILEEN Wise County
09-111382 KEITH, ILEEN Wise County
09-11382 O DONOHOE -A- Archer County
09-11399 ODONOHOE -A- Archer County
09-12110 JOPLIN UNIT Montague County
09-12255 CAUDLE UNIT Montague County
09-12351 CLEVELAND, JOE, UNIT Montague County
09-131224 KEITH, ILEEN Wise County
09-13124 WICHITA RIVER TRACT #3 Wichita County
09-133391 KEITH, ILEEN Wise County
09-13436 DENSON-OGLE UNIT Montague County
09-13835 MOTLEY, C. A. Wise County
09-13872 MOTLEY, C. A. Wise County
09-14172 MOORE, VELMA Montague County
09-14436 EUDALY, F. Wise County
09-15446 GRACE, JACK, RANCH Jack County
09-17600 AMINEX -75- Archer County
09-17646 TRIBUNE Archer County
09-19384 MARTIN Wise County
09-19587 EDWARDS, BRYANT Clay County
09-20578 COWAN-MCKINNEY -A- Archer County
09-22157 COWAN-MCKINNEY Archer County
09-22860 COWAN-MCKINNEY "I" Archer County
09-22896 COWAN MCKINNEY "B" Archer County
09-25059 LYLES Archer County
09-26852 O DONOHOE "A" Archer County
09-28330 TEMPLE BATES Clay County
10-03475 GEORGE, CLAUDIA Ochiltree County

Drilling Permits Filed by Grace, Jack, Prod. Co.