Horizon Natural Gas Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Horizon Natural Gas Company
Map of Wells Operated by Horizon Natural Gas Company
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PO BOX 700958
TULSA, OK 74170

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Leases Operated by Horizon Natural Gas Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-042924 HORD, R. W., UNIT Reeves County
08-075070 HORD, R.W. Reeves County
08-17559 ABELL /SEC. 26/ Crane County
10-021782 TOMLINSON, R. D., GAS UNIT Hansford County
10-021793 VANCE, MARTIN L. Carson County
10-022152 MILLER, S. P., ESTATE Hansford County
10-022279 BRILLHART Lipscomb County
10-022281 BECHTOLD Lipscomb County
10-022284 GUY Lipscomb County
10-022335 LIPS, CHARLES -E- Roberts County
10-03003 GUY OIL Lipscomb County
10-035161 GUY Lipscomb County
10-04108 BROWN Ochiltree County
10-04189 SANDERS Hansford County
10-04204 DAVIS BROTHERS Ochiltree County
10-04924 BRILLHART -907- Lipscomb County
10-05111 GUY OIL Lipscomb County
10-060234 SUN-JONES Hansford County
10-060235 SUN-JONES Hansford County
10-06497 BRILLHART "907" Lipscomb County
10-06498 BRILLHART "854" Lipscomb County
10-06728 WILSON, DAVID Roberts County
10-06762 LIPS, CHARLES Roberts County
10-069438 KILLEBREW C. Roberts County
10-069922 ELLEDGE Ochiltree County
10-07324 JACKSON, S. P. & K. K. -D- Hansford County
10-075332 GREEVER Ochiltree County
10-092794 BRILLHART -852- Lipscomb County
10-093067 GRAY -853- Lipscomb County
10-096837 BRILLHART Hansford County
10-119315 STOUGHTON, G. W. Lipscomb County
10-137334 DAVIS BROTHERS Ochiltree County
10-160747 DAVIS BROTHERS Ochiltree County
10-165233 THORNE Hemphill County
10-185823 BRILLHART 907 Lipscomb County
10-188489 JACKSON Hansford County
10-189609 GUY Lipscomb County
10-189834 JONES, SUN Hansford County
7B-103141 GREEN, W.H. Shackelford County
7C-02038 THOMERSON, A. B., ESTATE 1X Schleicher County
7C-13970 SUGG Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Horizon Natural Gas Company