Houston Gulf Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Houston Gulf Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Houston Gulf Energy Corporation
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Leases Operated by Houston Gulf Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04293 PERRY, P. H. -A- Milam County
01-05288 KILMAN, RAY Milam County
01-05717 LOVE, EDNA Milam County
01-07682 LOVE, EDNA Milam County
01-08904 HOBBS, WILLIS E. Milam County
01-09296 STANISLAW, JOE ESTATE Milam County
01-09437 BLACKBURN, CLIFF Milam County
01-09883 PERRY, P.H. JR. Milam County
01-110100 S.T.S. -E- McMullen County
01-11339 HUBER-PERRY Milam County
01-11399 ROGERS Guadalupe County
01-11944 LERMA UNIT Wilson County
01-125971 WALL, M. BLANCHE Milam County
01-13886 LERMA UNIT Wilson County
01-14576 BLAKELY, AGNES Milam County
01-14645 PERRY, P. H. Milam County
01-14719 WALLER, M L Milam County
01-14907 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE McMullen County
01-15081 ZALMANEK, J. W. Milam County
01-15214 LOVE, L. W. Milam County
01-15215 LOVE, L. W. Milam County
01-15220 GRAHAM-DEBAULT UNIT Milam County
01-17676 WAYNE BRINKLEY Milam County
01-17949 HUFF-TRAMMELL UNIT Milam County
01-18272 CORPORA Milam County
01-186571 BLACKBURN HUFF Milam County
01-18902 CORPORA Milam County
01-19125 J. S. CORPORA Milam County
01-19127 PETER GIBSON Milam County
01-19295 BATTE-HICKMAN Milam County
01-19532 DUBOIS Milam County
01-19538 BATTE-HICKMAN Milam County
01-267177 BLANCHE M. WALL ET AL UNIT Milam County
02-05020 RIVERSIDE COTTON FARMS Victoria County
02-06575 MCCAN, C. K. JR. ETAL -B- Victoria County
02-06811 MCCAN, C. K. JR ETAL -C- Victoria County
02-069561 BASS, M. F. Victoria County
02-069563 BASS, M. F. Victoria County
02-07770 MCCAN, C.K. JR. ET AL "C" Victoria County
02-08621 RIVERSIDE COTTON FARMS -B- Victoria County
02-094192 JUSTEN, ELIZABETH Goliad County
02-09466 MCCAN Victoria County
02-10012 DOHMANN 80 Goliad County
02-135419 MCCAN, C. K. JR. "C" Victoria County
02-149759 MCCAN, C.K. JR. ET AL "C" Victoria County
02-167812 MCCAN, C.K. JR., ET AL "B" Victoria County
02-168792 MCCAN Victoria County
02-173784 MCCAN, C. K. JR. "B" Victoria County
02-188648 GOHLKE Goliad County
02-188649 DOHMANN Goliad County
02-190683 GEO-HOPE Lavaca County
02-190685 GEO-HOPE Lavaca County
02-190690 GEO-HOPE Lavaca County
02-192492 GEO - HOPE Lavaca County
02-210769 CARPENTER Bee County
02-218491 CARPENTER Bee County
02-225663 JUSTEN, ELIZABETH Goliad County
02-225815 JUSTEN, ELIZABETH Goliad County
02-226042 DOHMANN Goliad County
02-226043 CUTBIRTH Goliad County
02-226432 TAYLOR Goliad County
02-226479 TAYLOR Goliad County
02-226487 JUSTEN, ELIZABETH Goliad County
02-227395 JUSTEN, ELIZABETH Goliad County
02-232263 STAUSS Goliad County
02-234520 DOHMANN "A" Goliad County
02-238215 BOEHL Goliad County
02-238216 CUTBIRTH Goliad County
02-276952 DOHMANN "A" Goliad County
02-279073 BOEHL Goliad County
02-280085 DOHMANN 80 Goliad County
03-162967 QUARRY OL Grimes County
03-188369 BERBERISH-COCKBURN UNIT Wharton County
03-201541 COCKBURN, H. C. Wharton County
03-20461 BEMUS HEIRS UNIT Wharton County
03-23770 WINTON UNIT Galveston County
03-247216 BEMUS Wharton County
03-26855 COOPER B UNIT Galveston County
03-278618 PRASIFKA Wharton County
05-03819 HILL-ANDERSON Robertson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Houston Gulf Energy Corporation